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Many practitioners within the learning and development community operate as sole traders or single employees of their own limited liability company. This can be a lonely existence. Since the inception of TrainerBase back in 2002, as founder and editor, I have become an advisor, mentor, coach and console to a number of members and in so doing I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and understanding over and above my own experience, of what it is to be a learning and development practitioner.

This advice, guidance and console is open to any paid up member of TrainerBase who has a need to talk to someone. Perhaps you have a dilemma with regards a conflict of interest. Are you unsure about how to pursue and unpaid bill? Or have you had a difficult conversations and need to express that frustration to someone who might have an understanding of the situation but is not a colleague or competitor.

All conversations are confidential in that I do not disclose who said what about whom to anyone. That said; situations that practitioners encounter may not be unique and in the advise, guidance and console I offer I may cite a previous instance (expressed to me in a conversation with another practitioner). As a result members’ conversations become part of my growing knowledge and understanding about the learning and development community and member practice.

Contacting me by email is generally the most reliable and if a member expresses a concern I can make an initial considered response. Members should not name anyone in an email. If a matter is sensitive and you wish to ensure I am available for you to phone (I generally don’t make outgoing calls), make an arrangement to call in at a specific time.

And of course if a member wants to get a wider response they should look at posting a message on the Members Only discussion forum (contributors get points towards improved ranking for doing so). I of course monitor this and will be pleased to add my considerations to the thread.

TrainerBase pre dates the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook and provides a community platform for learning and development practice. I look forward to offering more members advice, guidance and console.

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Peter Mayes

Peter Mayes. Peter Mayes is the founder and editor of TrainerBase; dedicated to helping business and other organisations find trainers and trainers find business. Contact details: Tel 01239 711544

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Contributor: Peter J Mayes

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