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Basic principles in buying training services

The series of articles I have written are based on the presumption that there is a need for a purposeful training intervention and that the intervention methodology is to be face to face. The articles will cover a general route map and basic principles for the overall procedure of specifying, advertising, negotiating, awarding, conducting and evaluating a learning and development project. Procurement is a process for which procedures can be written. What follows now is what a commissioning manager should consider in order to ensure that the procurement process does not undermine the purpose and potential benefits of the intervention. The significant stages are:

  1. Requirement definition; what type of development
  2. Channels to market; put it on TrainerBase
  3. Development methodology
  4. Service requirement
  5. Managing applications; a structured process
  6. Reviewing applications; evaluating content
  7. Final selection
  8. Awarding the contract
  9. Contract management; making sure you are getting the best
  10. Contract review; making sure you got what you paid for

The above stages form the content of subsequent articles.

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Peter Mayes

Peter Mayes. Peter Mayes is the founder and editor of TrainerBase; dedicated to helping business and other organisations find trainers and trainers find business. Contact details: Tel 07970 746077

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Contributor: Peter J Mayes

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