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Getting the best applicants; state what you want to see
In the previous articles I have covered the major elements to do with defining the learning requirement, the type of activity and what needs to be considered when writing the contract briefing document. There are now, a number of other elements that a commissioning manager will need to define within the requirement that relate to the management of the application process and also contribute to the selection process. These are:
  • the structure of the application process
    • flexible process: applicants make an open application to a less formal review procedure
    • formal tender process; applications are confidential until a formal review date
  • possible adherence to a preferred solutions methodology or opportunity for innovative solutions (do you require a particular brand of psychometric to be used within the solution)
  • what the commissioning manager wants included in the application and perhaps what they donít you want to see. The documents that a commissioning manager is likely to need include;
    • application letter expressing
      • suggested solution
      • experience
      • expertise
      • quotation
      • expenses
    • CV
  • how long is the application open
  • the process for requesting further information; are you prepared to receive phone call from potential applicants or would you prefer to correspond via email

When specifying evaluation criteria the commissioning manager will need to be careful not to fall foul of discrimination legislation. The inclusion of any criteria that may be perceived as hindering someone of a particular:
  • race
  • age
  • sex

from applying; unless there are strong justifiable reasons, could be challenged as discriminatory.

The final element when writing the requirement brief will be to state the application process. By doing this a commissioning manager defines a set of criteria by which an application can begin to be measured.

Too many practitioners are so keen to make an application they donít read the briefing sufficiently well and fail to follow the process.

As I mentioned previously; the more time a commissioning manager puts into defining the requirement and the application process, the easier everything else will be. And there is a greater likelihood that the project will work.

The requirement has been written and published in one or more suitable locations. Now comes the selection process.

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