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Managing applications; a structured process
The previous articles have covered the background tasks and considerations to get a commissioning manager to write a learning and development requirement. The next task is to do with managing applications so as to facilitate an efficient and effective selection process.

The application process provides the first criteria on which selection can take place. If a commissioning manager is explicit on how an application is to be made and an applicant does not follow those explicit instructions; what does that say about that practitioner?

The elements that need to be considered when managing the application process are:
  • the possible response to applications; will you acknowledge receipt
  • the response if an application is submitted after the closure date
  • the process for providing further information; will you ensure that this information is available to all potential applicants
  • ensuring that the structure for the application process is in place
    • flexible process: through what method will you receive open applications
    • formal process: ensuring tender documents remain closed until a specific review date
  • checking that explicit and required criteria have been adhered too; at what point in the process will your review, is anything missing and will you request further information or clarification
  • managing applicant documentation; how/where will you store application documents including;
    • application letter (is only pertinent to a requirement)
    • quotation (is only pertinent to a requirement)
    • CV (may be pertinent for future reference)
  • ensuring consistency and transparency in the application process; what will be your process if different people evaluate different applications

Each commissioning manager will implement different options. Specific advice and guidance on the efficacy of any of the above options is suitable for further investigation in other articles. Suffice to say, this article will hopefully have started the thinking process around making selection as quick and easy as possible.

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