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Top tips for reviewing trainer applications
Having dealt with the structural side of the application process a commissioning manager will now move on to the content of an application. How an application is evaluated will be down to some sort of qualitative and quantitative process.

Prescribing a particular process is not appropriate within this article. That said there are a number of books that do provide examples including Buying Professional Services (Czerniawska and Smith). There is also advice and guidance available from TrainerBase.

Some top tips that are worth considering as criteria for evaluating whether you would want to work with a trainer are:
  • from a negative standpoint
    • it is obvious that the trainer has not read the briefing document
    • they have omitted part or all of a requirement
    • when requesting further information the trainer says ‘see my website’
    • the response is vague and or verbose
  • from a positive standpoint
    • the application is well laid out and easy to read
    • all requirements are met and additional ideas are submitted as an addendum
    • the application compels you to seek further information

Some of the above criteria is highly subjective and if a number of applications are read by different people; different responses are likely. That said; the success of an engagement may depend on how well a practitioner ‘fits’ with the value systems of your organisation. Providing a commissioning manager can defend their decision; ‘fit’ can be valid.

What does need to be remembered is that the selection criteria must be explicit within the requirement brief on which an application was made. It would be very remiss of a commissioning manager to start to receive applications; observe an interesting aspect of one proposal not considered before and then use that aspect as a selection criteria.

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