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Items in the Business development Category

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The Fair Work Framework – Guidance for Business

With its publication of Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy, the Scottish Government is trying to create a “fair work” economy – where business development and growth goes han... ROSS MAYNARD FCMA

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Views: 817,  Added: 04/10/2016

Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy

Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy was published in August 2016 by the Scottish Government. Its aim is a vibrant, fair and inclusive labour market. The strategy argues that countries with more... ROSS MAYNARD FCMA

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Views: 713,  Added: 04/10/2016

Resistance is Futile!

I was watching an old episode of Star Trek Voyager the other day where the crew had a chance meeting with The Borg.  Now those trekkies amongst you will know that these are a particularly unpl... Jacky Leonard

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Views: 1151,  Added: 10/12/2014

Reflect for success

‘Tis the season of goodwill, good cheer and over indulgence!

If however, we’re wise men and women it is also a great time for reflection; an opportunity to look bac... Jacky Leonard

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Views: 1156,  Added: 03/12/2014

Getting paid on time.

A topic that regularly, and I would also say frequently, arises on a number of forums, digests and portals is to do with practitioners getting paid on time. This article covers some of the main rea... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 6,  Added: 21/06/2013

Why customers fear being ripped off and what you can do to reassure them?

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” No-one wants to be that fool. The one who makes a bad decision or fails to weigh up the pros and cons. This is especially true when parting w... Juliet Fay

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Views: 1549,  Added: 06/12/2011,  Rating: 4/5 (from 3 votes)

Why finding a niche can bring you more business and pleasure?

Since I drafted this article Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, has died of pancreatic cancer. At only 56 his life was short but what an incredible legacy he left behind. I have been a devoted Apple ... Juliet Fay

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Views: 1586,  Added: 08/11/2011,  Rating: 5/5 (from 1 votes)

Are you scratching beneath the surface of ethical governance?

Our experience of working with a variety of global organisations from public to private sectors, government, to voluntary organisations in developed and developing countries exposes us to many standar... Joy Wilson

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Views: 2056,  Added: 27/04/2011,  Rating: 4/5 (from 10 votes)

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