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Items in the Buying training services (the basics) Category

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An undeniable return on investment

Many managers see training and a cost centre; a drain on their meagre budgets, and something to be ditched at the first sign of a downturn in fortunes. The more forward thinking managers see traini... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1622,  Added: 21/11/2014

Choosing a training consultant: the basics

Choosing an external training consultant or provider is a tricky task. We are faced with a host of questions, few of which have simple answers.

  • Where to start looking? Who to ask? Ho...

 Alan Barker

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Views: 1595,  Added: 21/10/2014,  Rating: 5/5 (from 1 votes)

The Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Trainer

One of the most important things for any business is to have a constant stream of new clients and customers. It is a simple fact that without new clients and customers, the business will find it di...

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Views: 3311,  Added: 13/12/2013,  Rating: 4/5 (from 1 votes)

Choosing a Copywriting Trainer - The Important Things to Consider

One of the most important disciplines in marketing is copywriting, because it’s the words which project the image of the company as much as do the branding and the images. Unfortunately for m...

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Views: 2180,  Added: 06/12/2013

Particulars about posting opportunities

In articles, blogs and discussion I and others have suggested why training often doesn't work. The expectation from the articles on TrainerBase is to hopefully identify the key tasks that need to b... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1486,  Added: 29/07/2013

Legal framework

One of the most common requests that I see within the learning and development community is to do with legal issues. Presuming that there is no current contract arrangement in place with a par... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1755,  Added: 24/07/2013,  Rating: 3/5 (from 1 votes)

Channels to market, where to advertise a contract opportunity

For a commissioning manager that is new to staff development responsibilities knowing where they might source a new provider can be a bit of a minefield. Some organisations will have appr... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1681,  Added: 24/07/2013

Five types of learning and development; which one is for you

It is my strong suggestion that a commissioning manager should have a good understanding of what performance gaps need to be closed within their team or department. This will form the basis for def... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1715,  Added: 24/07/2013

Practitioner Accreditation and Qualification

There are a large number of Learning and Development courses, qualifications and accreditations in the market. Many are operated by the main Institutions including the Chartered Institute of Personnel... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1391,  Added: 18/07/2013

Learning and development practitioner rates

This article is not intended to prescribe a rate a practitioner should charge nor to suggest the value a staff development programme could yield. That said; a quick review of how a practitioner might ... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1751,  Added: 18/07/2013

Before you engage a training provider, consider ....

I and other members of the learning and development community are aware of doubts into the efficacy of and reasons why training doesn’t work. Much if this is because insufficient preparation ... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1559,  Added: 17/06/2013,  Rating: 4/5 (from 1 votes)

The training profession is not ...

The identity, credibility and wider perception of the status of an individual’s occupation is not governed by the achievements and accolades of the few outstanding practitioners and exemplars... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1564,  Added: 11/06/2013

The things that go wrong with training

When training is the solution to an identified and rationalised need and everything and everyone is geared towards making the solution work, then evidence suggests that training does work, and work... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1727,  Added: 10/06/2013,  Rating: 3/5 (from 3 votes)

An introduction to buying training services

The writing of the articles on TrainerBase has come about because of a growing knowledge that many managers who have staff development responsibilities and budgets, could do with some support in ma... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 1492,  Added: 31/03/2011

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