Clients List

Spectrain work successfully with a diverse range of sectors and organisations both in the UK, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

We design and deliver accredited bespoke management development solutions to address the unique set of circumstances that our clients present.  Our design and delivery services include: Training materials, competency frameworks, training activities, presentations and news letters. 

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Below you will find a small selection of the clients and the sectors in which we work: Take a look at their testimonials



DuPont (Learning Services)

Design and delivery of a competency based assessment and development programme for senior assistants and secretaries at DuPont Geneva. This course is now accredited by the ILM

Contact Name: Justin Hannigan

CWC School for Energy (Course Development Manager)

ILM Accredited Coaching Programme: Coaching for success in the oil and gas industry

Contact Name: Joseph Mitchell

DEGREMONT SA (Middle East Asia Pacific O&M Director)

Designing and delivering a range of bespoke management development programmes for middle and senior managers based at water treatment plants. Providing individual and team coaching initiatives

Contact Name: Patrick THIENPONT

Yemen LNG Company Limited (HSSE)

Developing a competency framework and subsequent competency based development programmes. Executive Coaching for senior management team.

Contact Name: Robert Hirst

Structured Learning (MD)

Design and/or delivery of a variety of programmes at The Manufacturing Institute, T Mobile, Stockport MBC, Oldham Borough Council

Contact Name: Clare Forrest

Broadskill (Business Development)

Design and delivery of two highly interactive programmes for HSBC.
Customer Service is a game of snakes and ladders utilises a 20 foot square snakes and ladders board to navigate through the maze of customer service opportunities.
Real optimism is a thought provoking programme to reinforce the point that behaviour is a metter of choice

Contact Name: Hormoz Ahmadzadeh

ITV (Human Resources)

Training needs analysis at ITV Interactive following the Deloitte enquiry into premium rate phone competitions. Bespoke solution design of a programme to address skills gaps in service provision and provision of coaching

Contact Name: Graham Jeffery

Peter Charles Solutions (MD)

Providing competency based recruitment and assessment events for a variety of clients

Contact Name: Peter Dutfield

Jordan Telecom (HR Policies Development Manager)

Performance Appraisal Design and Delivery
design of training resources and training in house Arabic Trainers to deliver the programme

Contact Name: Jean Michel Poulalion

Ejabi (Business Development)

Change Management
Designing a competency based performance management system

Contact Name: Dana Barto

Telecommunications Regulation Comission (Development)

Competency Based Training Needs Analysis

Contact Name: Mr R Middlehurst