Bespoke Programmes

Grammar and Punctuation made Easy

A fun and interactive day that helps participants improve their grammar and:
- write readable documents
- use the main punctuation marks correctly
- proofread their documents

Taking Minutes not Hours at Meetings

A one-day course to give participants lots of tips to help them write effective:
- agendas before meetings
- notes during meetings
- minutes after meetings

Accelerated Learning and Reading

A one-day course to help participants to:
- use the six stages of accelerated learning to make all their learning fun and effective
- improve their note-taking skills
- double their reading speed, whilst retaining comprehension
- increase the effectiveness of their reading
- retain and recall the key points from any document

Speed and Effective Reading

A one-day course with two main themes:
- helping participants to find techniques to double their reading speed whilst retaining comprehension
- using different methods to improve the effectiveness of their reading and save them hours by 1) knowing what to read and why, 2) what to remember, 3) how to remember it and 4) how to recall it

Self Development Workshop

A one-day course to help people:
- know their preferred learning, input and exploration styles
- know, and be able to use, the six stages of accelerated learning
- consider all the learning options available to them
- decide their main development areas for the next six months and set specific outcomes that they want to achieve
- set objectives to achieve these outcomes using their preferred learning styles

Presentation Skills

One- and two-day courses with practice sessions interspersed with input on:
- preparing a presentation
- being memorable
- presenting yourself
- handling an audience and dealing with questions and difficult situations
A great combination of theory, practice and creativity!

Business Writing

One- and two-day courses on writing reports, letters and e-mails. Topics can include:
- planning and getting started
- structure
- layout and presentation
- complaints and 'bad news' letters
- writing clearly and concisely
- presenting facts and figures
- grammar, punctuation and spelling
- using technology to save time

Managing Time and Priorities

One-day course (usually with a half-day follow-up) to help participants to:
- define the main focus of their role and prioritise according to key objectives
- set realistic goals and keep these goals in mind
- develop strategies and tools for organising and planning the workload effectively
- increase their ability to move forward on important tasks
- understand what 'time stealers' are and how to manage them
Feedback includes:
"The practical tools gave me the inspiration to put theory into practice"
"I'm saving a day a week by using a variety of the techniques"
"Given tools to do the job, manage my time and deal with other people"
"Complete reprioritisation of how I work. Complete revevaluation of how I work. New role, new me"