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It's NOT just about training courses!

Here at Spectrain towers we have been working hard to design blended learning solutions for our customers. We design a range of learning materials but what is important is that the delivery offers flexibility and is available when required by all and particularly those in remote locations such as oil rigs.

Our customers value efficiency so our approaches to creating learning utilizing a range of media, both on-line and offline is essential.

Blended learning is NOT , E - learning, our blended learning demands learner interaction, it is not a passive activity. We use a range of media to deliver a blend that maximise development.

Many of the training materials we create for customers is related to compliance or localization issues, and that gave us an idea...we thought 'Why don't we offer on-line learning via our site at

And so Know How Now will be available to those who need training and development and know how

Spectrain's Know How Now Portal has previously only been available to our corporate clients and will be live and accessible to all soon.


If you are considering accredited training programmes for your employees we are able to provide you with bespoke in house training courses accredited by the ILM



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We offer training and development courses and resources in the following categories:

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Looking for a team development or assessment event with a difference? 

Take a look at Spectrain's Business Simulations:

You may find yourself running an airline during Operation Highflight

Or perhaps avoiding a brakedown during Exercise Brainwave at The Blakedown Residential Training Centre 

Maybe you want to develop your team's creativity and that means pitching to our awesome dragons in the Dragons Den


Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness

Maintaining effective people and process management in today’s workplace requires consistency. Sometimes the challenges presented by operational issues force managers into being reactive and yet proactive and balanced management of people and resources are essential all managers. This programme provides an opportunity to develop new strategies for balanced management of people and processes, while enhancing your existing skills. We will explore some of the core management principles that have stood the test of time and introduce new ideas to enable you to build upon what you do well and integrate those new approaches for a polished performance

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Exercise Brainwave

Exercise Brainwave is a business simulation that involves participants in managing a range of events that take place in The Blakedown Centre a residential training centre.

The activity is dynamic and presents a range of realistic challenges and difficult decisions that many businesses face in the current economic climate. Change and uncertainty can impact organisations and people in many unexpected ways. Exercise Brainwave provides an opportunity for participants to demonstrate and develop their ability to manage a range of behaviours and presents opportunities that if exploited with a little entrepreneurial thinking can produce sustainable business opportunities

Exercise Brainwave is not a computer simulated activity. What makes it realistic very quickly is the live nature of the events. Participants will receive unexpected enquiries from customers both via the telephone and in the post. Post is distributed by the obnoxious Patty Potts who cannot be separated from her IPod and despite a healthy addition to chewing gum never allows her mouth to become so congested that she cannot spread malicious gossip and rumour.

The activity ends with a management meeting which enables participants to reveal their proposals to overcome the issues facing the centre and take decisions that will impact the future direction and profitability of the organisation.

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Operation Highflight

Operation HighFlight is a one day business simulation that involves participants in managing a range of events that simultaneously impact operations at DevonAir. The activity involves 8- 12 participants who form the management team at DevonAir.
Overnight the training venue has been transformed to become the DevonAir operations centre, the theme indicative of an airline contributes to developing authenticity. Reality strikes almost immediately are participants are faced with incoming phone calls from the outside world regarding a range of concerns including, complaints, concerns, and publicity matters both positive and negative. Participants are provided with a correspondence in tray, in the form of memos and letters to inform them of the issues involved in their work at DevonAir.

Likely Cost: Price on Application

The Exceptional Trainer

With so many innovations in training this programme will cover all aspects from Training needs analysis to evaluation. It will show you best practice and provide you with a complete and through insight into the complete training cycle – it will show you how to create added value at every stage of the process. An additional benefit is that we will take a look at your individual training style and consider how you can adapt that style in a range of situations to maximise effect.
Course Aim

The aim of this exciting workshop is:

To develop your ability to adapt your style and material to suit the situation and work with a range of different situations and difficult people
Successfully Meet people's needs and expectations through effective identification of need and appropriate design to meet a range of learning styles. Make learning and development effective, exciting and creative.
Most of all, to build confidence, the confidence to know that whatever is thrown at you, you will be able to make it work.

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Competency Based Performance Management

Managing performance is not difficult. It’s about practical ways of improving how you do things in your organisation. However, Managing performance involves much more than setting up a system. The mechanics, targets, indicators, and plans are only a small part of the process and they are easy to deal with in comparison to getting the right focus, leadership, and culture in place. Performance management is a fundamental and critical tool for best practice. Performance management starts with recognising competencies – or the skills knowledge and behaviours that make performance effective.

Course Aim
This powerful workshop will enable you to identify the competencies that are essential to ensuring effective contribution from the job roles in your organisation.
Measuring Performance is an important activity in any organisation. Individuals, teams and departments can cost-effectively deliver superb performance and added value, using the skills and knowledge that this workshop addresses participants will know how to identify measure and manage performance for effective contribution

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Designing & Implementing Competency Frameworks

Competency frameworks are an essential vehicle for achieving organizational performance and they are embraced by progressive organizations who integrate competency-based human resource management processes into their recruitment and selection, performance management and succession planning activities.
Competencies represent the language of performance articulating both the expected outcomes of an individual’s efforts and the manner in which these activities are carried out.

Course Aim
This highly interactive event utilises simulations and practical activities to enable you to develop, construct and apply the techniques of competency framework development. During the workshop you will develop your knowledge through a range of activities and methodologies including: facilitated learning, case studies and personal feedback. The workshop materials will include comprehensive templates for you to use to construct your framework.

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Recruitment for Results

This course will enable you to explore the specific candidate and evaluator competencies required when recruiting senior managers. You will consider and evaluate your current practice and consider the benefits of a range of different approaches.

Course Aim
We aim to provide a range of practical guidelines and templates to help you to practice and develop your skills in the preparation and behavioural techniques needed to achieve successful and strategically beneficial outcomes from your executive recruitment and selection activities.

Target Audience:
Individuals with responsibility for recruitment of individuals to senior positions in their organisation. Recruitment panel members who wish to use evidence based approaches to improve their collective decision making

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Competency Based Recruitment & Selection

Recruiting the right people is essential to the successful development of teams and the organisation. However, the process is costly both in terms of time and resources and it is therefore critical that the right candidate is appointed first time.

There is an increasing demand to select people who demonstrate the specific competencies required for the role and fit in with the wider context of working within the organisation, such as aligning with the organisation's values, relationships with colleagues and customers and the physical environment such as the technology the organisation uses. A competency-based approach is used to meet these changing needs and identify the actual performance required to make delivery of the job successful.
The Competency Based Approach
This style of interviewing enables a candidate to show how they would demonstrate certain behaviours/skills in the work place; by answering questions about how you have reacted to and dealt with previous work place situations.
By using past experience a potential employer can predict future behaviour

This practical two day Recruitment & Selection event will provide individuals with guidance in the skills and techniques essential to planning and conducting successful competency based selection interviews

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Appraising Performance

It’s that time of the year again, timer for the performance appraisal discussion. A very small part of the performance management process that provides an incredible opportunity for the participants to engage in discussion about what motivates them towards goals and to seek support for the things that hold them back. So why is it that performance appraisal is one of the greatest sources of conflict in organisations?
Often people are often unclear about what it is that appraisal actually achieves. For many people experience of appraisal is inevitably linked with problematic issues such as pay awards or difficulties with performance. Perhaps this contributes to the confusion.

There are 3 reasons for ineffective performance management systems:

Inadequate process 5%
Employee perception of their role in the process 35%
Manager’s ability to manage the process 60%

Very few managers are 'naturally' good in appraisal and many employees are unprepared to make the best of the opportunity and lets face it even the most effective process will be ineffective if the participants don’t knowhow to make the best of it.. This two-day course is designed to examine the principles of the performance appraisal system and how to get the best out of it from everyone's perspective

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Coaching & Mentoring

A performance coaching programme based on a Situational Leadership model in which you will learn how they can improve your team’s performance by identifying their most improvable tasks.
You will assess the readiness of individuals to receive coaching, and learn how to match your coaching style to the individuals needs.
Course Aim
To equip you with the skills to enable you to effectively coach your team, using the Performance Coaching Model, and to give effective feedback in order to enhance the learning that takes place during the coaching.

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Managing Difficult Behaviours & Situations

Take just one valuable day and you will benefit from an extremely insightful and practical guide on how to manage yourself and the difficult behaviours or difficult situations that you encounter in your workplace. You will develop tips and techniques to enable you to acquire the skills that enable confidence to be professional and proactive and not reactive when challenged by people and circumstances.

Course Aim
If you are looking to develop a confident approach to overcoming difficult situations and a strategy for managing your reactions to difficult behaviours, this course will help you to practice the tools and techniques you need to make a difference during difficult interactions

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Get Ahead in Business Negotiations

To build on existing skills and re-orientate your approach to negotiation. Instead of looking for an easy, comfortable way through the negotiation, we will alert you to angles and opportunities that can make a genuine difference to outcomes and future relationships

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Influencing Skills

What ever the arena you work in influencing others is about having the confidence and willingness to make things happen. Influencing people is about developing the ability to work a dynamic environment with professionalism, by working a dynamic we mean using everything at your disposal both verbal and non verbal communication to create a positive impact.

Course Aim

We aim to equip managers at all levels with skills that will help them adapt their behaviour to influence positively in a range of situations.

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Recognise This Behaviour? Maybe Today - Maybe Not!

You keep putting it off, moving it aside, and reassigning it to the bottom of the pile. It nags you. It bugs you to the point of frustration. You' put it off until the last minute, and then have to do it anyway.

Stop procrastinating and start doing! Don’t put off this opportunity to learn how to overcome your hesitation and make smarter critical decisions

Make an Effective Decision – Begin NOW!

The effective manager must be able to impact a range of complex issues and this often requires making timely and difficult decisions. This Programme will deliver a Toolkit of techniques that can be applied to virtually every problem solving and decision making situation that you encounter in your management role

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Transformational Presentation Skills

In 3 days, you can master the skills of delivering memorable presentations that create a powerful impact in others. You will design and implement effective group interventions. And most importantly you'll be ready for the responsibility and challenge of helping others to learn and grow.
Read on if you aspire to be a creator of magical experiences……….
This programme is for you if you wish:
To set up successful relationships with groups and Show professionalism in overcoming difficulties within the group
You wish to maximise presentation effectiveness increase audience enthusiasm and energy as well as your own!
Demonstrate greater personal impact and confidence when adopting the role of presenter.
Choose from a range of behaviours when facilitating groups,
Demonstrate greater skill in focussing your audience quickly on common purpose and results
You want to have more confidence in the presentation skills you already have and be able to build on them and deliver dynamic presentations that will make an impact on an audience of any size.

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Powerful Public Speaking

Effective Public Speaking requires excellent influence and communication skills.
Whether you are trying to influence a customer on a one-to-one basis, addressing a conference, managing press and publicity or presenting to a meeting, this very practical development programme will be of value to you.
Speaking in public or in front of a group is a widely acknowledged fear and many people successfully overcome it with ease. This training programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to significantly improve your presentation techniques and successfully influence your audience.

Likely Cost: Price on Application

Working in a World of Difference

Congratulations on your exciting new appointment you must be excited about the opportunity to work in the Middle East! Perhaps you feel a little apprehensive, maybe you are uncertain about etiquette confused by religious beliefs and baffled by media coverage of the region.

These concerns are an indication of your professionalism you have recognised that the ability to work across cultures is not instinctive and your effectiveness will depend upon your ability to manage, interact with and embrace cultural differences to develop your international business relationships.

Most international managers and professionals are hired for their technical expertise and experience, rather than their ability to relate, communicate, engage, motivate and work effectively with colleagues and customers from other cultures. Yet, without such behavioural competencies, managers and professionals are unlikely to be effective in transferring their technical knowledge and skills in an unfamiliar international or multi-cultural context.

This practical programme will address some of the myths and misleading media about working in the Middle East and enable you to assess your readiness for multi-cultural working and develop the key competencies to enable you to approach your assignment with confidence

Likely Cost: Variable depending on assessment option