Bespoke Programmes

Teams in Practice for Medical practices

The course is all about building High Performing Teams within small medical practices. The content may however be modified to suit any organisation. for more information download the outline of the course we deliver to NHS Dental deaneries.

Accreditation: Section 63 Accredited

Likely Cost: Subject to Deanery subsidy

Performance management for Dental professionals

What are the learning objectives?
By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:
Understand performance management and appraisal in context.
Know the elements of a successful performance management process.
Recognise the benefits to a manager and also to the employee.
See the opportunities which can arise from conducting appraisals effectively.
Understand how to set objectives for staff.

Accreditation: Section 63 accredited

Likely Cost: Subject to Deanery subsidy

Commercial Accumen

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