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I recognise that your requirements are unique to you and your organisation therefore I offer terms and conditions based on your specific circumstances and needs.

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I uphold and support the LPA's CLP Code of Ethical Practice (below)

Commitment to Ethical Practice

The Commitment to Ethical Practice is a personal statement of conduct and behaviour to which you, as a Certified Learning Practitioner agree to abide. The objective of this Commitment is to make explicit certain practices which impact on you as a CLP. You should not consider this Commitment complete in its current form and will be required to comply with any future amendments and additions that the directors of the Association might add for the benefit of the members and the profession.


The Commitment is written in the first person.


I will strive for excellence at all times in all my undertakings and will always recognise the limitations of my own knowledge and ability. I will seek to reconcile my personal values with those of my clients, peers and suppliers and will disclose any personal interest which may affect my decisions. I will respect the natural environment and seek to conserve resources wherever possible. I will avoid the use of substances that might affect my conduct, behaviours and performance.


I will seek to establish a contract for confidentiality in all my relationships, which is explicit and will always safeguard confidential information. Other than as required by Law or other competent authority I will not reveal information that may be deemed to be confidential without first obtaining permission.

Conflict of interest

I will neither offer nor accept gifts, hospitality or services that could create or imply an improper obligation. I will refrain from entering into any agreement that may contravene any statute or may be seen as unreasonably anti competitive. I will always declare potential conflicts of interest to all parties in a proposed contractual arrangement, seeking a solution for the benefit of all parties.

Interaction with others

As a Certified Learning Practitioner, I will not use my position of authority for personal benefit at the expense of others nor as a means of undue pressure in my relationships with others. I will support others in their understanding of ethical practice and will challenge appropriately, any behaviour by any individual when it is seen by others as, or I deem it to be, inappropriate. I will honour my implicit and explicit obligations with others and will encourage reciprocal agreement wherever possible.

Obligation to the Association

I will safeguard the reputation and assets of the Association and will actively promote the Standard and the status of Certified Learning Practitioner. I will decline any request that would require me to break this Commitment or act contrary to the Standard and will also adhere to the codes and standards of other bodies to which I am a member.