"Many thanks for such a great session. You certainly energised me and covered so much useful ground. Excellent stuff."
(Paul Beesley, Training and Resource Management, Nationwide Building Society
"Wow - I am so impressed - fantastic session - really interesting felt like I learnt lots."
(Lisa Brice, Director, choose2b)
- following a workshop on 'Accelerated Learning'

"...feedback is always excellent regarding Kathey's creative style of training and the enthusiasm she has for learning is contagious."
(Marina Clark, Learning and Development Manager, GlaxoSmithKline - a customer for Report Writing, Time Management and Self Development programmes since 1998)

"...Kathey's communication skills are at the forefront of her success, however, her dedication to doing an excellent job is also a great asset."
(Helen Bullock, Mansfield District Council following an assignment to work with their councillors on Personal Development Planning)


Current Testimonials

I engaged KBTraining because I struggle with reading. The rate at which I read was very slow. I decided to invest in a one-to-one day with Kathey Bailey, to learn some new skills, get her to observe what was working for me and what was not. My aim was to also get some momentum around developing the basic skills that I need to further my success in industry. The day was jam packed with lots of learning, with lots of real gems I can take forward. The day with her was dotted with lots of other recommendations and ideas around other aspects of my work. In short Kathey was extremely generous with the knowledge she was willing to impart, even though I had only booked up for specific subjects. My reading and learning speed has already improved. I think a day with Kathey is a brilliant investment in yourself and/or your staff. I also like Kathey's integrity around delivering value. Because the day was so jammed packed with learning, she also sent a set of follow up emails to ensure I was doing well, with some documented summaries to further embed the learning. I can honestly put my hand on my heart and recommend Kathey for Speed reading, Effective reading and Accelerated learning. I am a very happy customer.

Author: Tarlochan Gill - High Performance Development Coach

DateAdded: 15/09/2016

"Kathey has delivered Minute Taking training for us for the past two years. Delegate feedback has been consistently high. Delegates particularly value Kathey's thorough approach and attention to detail."

Author: Sophie Furness - Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

DateAdded: 31/05/2016

'I really enjoyed working with Kathey, with her insight and creativity, we partnered together, taking ideas and approaches to self development and accelerated learning forward successfully within a talent / succession management environment. It became a highly requested programme to our high potential employees.'

Author: Sarah Blunt - National Grid (testimonial relates to STW)

DateAdded: 05/05/2016

'My experience with KBTraining has been exceptional, they are professional, considerate and a pleasure to do business with. The recent business writing courses proved to be one of the few in-house training courses to have captured the attention of the people who attended and they received really positive feedback.'

Author: Vicky Claridge - Cherwell and South Northants District Council

DateAdded: 30/04/2016

"I just wanted to say I got an immense amount out of the recent Effective Writing course you ran - thank you. I do not say this lightly as I have done my fair share of one day courses over my 30 years, this one sticks out as definitely the most memorable and one of the best I have attended - just on your sheer passion and knowledge alone! The fact that I am still enthused and thinking of what you said/using some of the tips weeks later is surely testament in itself."

Author: Greg Ward - South Northamptonshire Council

DateAdded: 25/11/2015

Kathey has worked with Enfield Council since 2007 and has developed and run a wide range of programmes in Writing Skills, Time Management and Speed Reading. All her courses are a blend of fun and learning and we have always found her expertise in the subject matter invaluable. I would recommend her for any organisation looking for new and fresh approaches to workshops.

Author: Alexandra Halls - Enfield Council

DateAdded: 26/09/2015

"I approached Kathey to put together some bespoke training for my team to address a number of issues we had with communication style, tone etc. Whilst some staff commented that this would be 'just another training course' looking at communication / customer service, by the end everyone felt the course had been worthwhile, they had learnt something new and had benefitted from the brisk pace and range of topics covered, with lots to put into practice in real work situations. It was a positive experience for me to see my staff enthused by a training course they had attended, and I will certainly work with Kathey again."

Author: Giles Mason - London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

DateAdded: 04/08/2015

I have had 16 hours of the most pleasant, fun and inspiring learning experience, working with Kathey. She really made the learning process clear and accessible, which was important for me, as I have a learning difficulty. Kathey also eagerly gave me some additional tips surrounding motivation and organising my study environment. I cannot recommend her highly enough and you will not regret investing in spending time and money becoming your best with the best.

Author: Joe Moore - private client studying for a masters degree

DateAdded: 25/06/2015

Kathey creates a learning atmosphere which is relaxed and focused. I have had the pleasure of attending two of KBT's training modules and the magical thing is that the knowledge sticks. True learning takes place. Thank you Kathey."

Author: Gurkan Yilmaz - London Borough of Enfield

DateAdded: 05/03/2015

"It's made a huge difference to my working day and I'm putting into practice a lot of the tips you gave us. Feels like I'm more in control of my working life and being 100% more productive." (written after attending a one-day ‘Managing Your Workload’ course)

Author: Jane Darling - Jesus Fellowship Community Trust

DateAdded: 15/02/2015

Knights of Old have worked with Kathey Bailey on the design and delivery of bespoke training for over two years, during this time Kathey has trained at all levels of our management team and has achieved consistently strong feedback from those who have taken part. Her unique training style has achieved positive results in our organisation and formed part of our training programme which helped us to win the Training Award at the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards. I would recommend Kathey to other organisations in need of creative and effective training.

Author: Nick Bithell - Knights of Old

DateAdded: 13/02/2014

I really enjoyed working with Kathey on the Writing Effective Incident Reports course. She encouraged me to be creative and take charge of the design of the course but at the same time sharing her considerable experience in answering my questions and offering alternatives. Her main strength is being friendly and supportive while maintaining an extremely focused and professional approach to the task in hand. She always returned my calls and emails in a timely manner and it was very reassuring to have her in the room when I ran the pilot course. I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to work with Kathey again in the future.

Author: Craig Lorenzi - Visa Europe

DateAdded: 05/02/2014

Kathey is a totally dedicated and professional trainer and coach. I employed her services when working in Philips, LVMH and Shell and she trained groups of staff in Time Management, tailoring her approach according to the needs of her audience. She also coached senior managers on a one to one basis, devising individually adapted programmes. Feedback on Kathey's work from those trained or coached by her was always very positive. More importantly, her training had noticeable and long lasting results! Kathey continuously develops her approach and adapts her time management techniques to the latest technologies available. I would not hesitate to highly recommend her to any client.

Author: Michelle Nevers - CMER Consulting Ltd

DateAdded: 20/01/2011

"As part of a Leadership Development programme which I had been facilitating, I had the priviledge to observe Kathey deliver a thought provoking 'Business Writing' module. As with all training, success should be measured in the subsequent application of what has been learned. Through the ongoing aforementioned programme, I have been able to witness first hand some excellent examples of what delegates have taken on board and implemented as a result of Kathey's session. I also know from talking to the managers on this programme how much they valued Kathey's knowledge and experience."

Author: Rob Hendy - Business and People Consultant

DateAdded: 17/01/2011

"Kathey has made learning a positive experience in Sue Ryder with her friendly and approachable manner. She takes away the fear factor and creates an environment where learning is fun and memorable. Subsequent courses run by her have had a good uptake as staff have recommended the events. Staff report that they have learned new skills and put them to good use."

Author: Sue Hope - Sue Ryder

DateAdded: 15/11/2010

Kathey's help in planning and preparing for the induction of newly elected councillors was invaluable. After the initial scoping sessions Kathey took the project away and delivered exactly what we needed. The Open Evening for Councillors that Kathey organised was a great success and the feedback from Councillors and officers has been very positive.

Author: Deborah Merry - Solihull Metropolitan Council

DateAdded: 18/06/2010

Katheys professional writing skills training courses for managers in the Housing and Constituencies Directorate were very well received. The feedback from all of the courses was of a very high standard with delegates finding the course both relevant and pragmatic. Delegates found Katheys approach and personal feedback on their own writing styles excellent and the tips she gave them have been extremely helpful in assisting with their own personal ongoing development in this area.

Author: Andrea Burns - Birmingham City Council

DateAdded: 29/05/2010

"I have attended a course on speed reading in the past and also done some reading around the topic, however the tools and tips used in your session have made such a difference and improved my focus and speed, particularly the one regarding covering the previous line. Thank you for assisting me to devour my pile of reading more effectively." (Heather Girling, Managing Director, Lifecraft)

Author: Heather Girling - Lifecraft

DateAdded: 04/10/2009

"Kathey's Time Management courses received very positive feedback from the delegates who attended and I know that the principles involved have been taken on-board by people and helped them work more effectively."

Author: Chris Harvey - Cherwell District Councl

DateAdded: 04/09/2009

'Thank you for an inspirational session - you certainly inspired and motivated me' (following a workshop on Accelerated Learning)

Author: Peter Beesley - Nationwide Building Society

DateAdded: 15/10/2008

'Feedback is always excellent about Kathey's creative style of training and the enthusiasm she has for learning is contagious.' (GSK have been a customer since 1998)

Author: Marina Clark - GlaxoSmithKline

DateAdded: 13/10/2008

'KBT have run a variety of highly successful training courses for us since 1993. The courses are always well organised, fun and informative. I am particularly impressed with the Accelerated Learning course. It has helped managers and other staff to work more effectively by improving reading speeds and providing tips on memory both in the workplace and whilst attending academic courses.'

Author: Val Cullen - Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

DateAdded: 13/10/2008

'Kathey was extremely focussed on ensuring that the work she was undertaking was done to a very high standard and she achieved this. Her communication skills are at the forefront of her success, however, her dedication to doing an excellent job is also a great asset.' (following an assignment to work with their councillors to design a Personal Development Plan, interview the councillors and produce an outline learning needs analysis)

Author: Helen Bullock - Mansfield District Council

DateAdded: 13/10/2008

Hi I can recommend Kathey as a trainer having met and indeed exceeded the requirements of the CLP accreditation process. The evidence provided for validation was well laid out and thorough. Her presentation on Speed Reading skills was informative and met the learner objectives that she set.

Author: Peter Mayes - TrainerBase

DateAdded: 13/10/2008

'Wow I am so impressed, fantastic session, really interesting, felt like I learnt lots' (following a session on 'Accelerated Learning')

Author: Lisa Brice - choose2b

DateAdded: 13/10/2008

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