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I have used Joys expertise on a number of occasions Amongst the range of initiatives I have commissioned training for employee development and tapped into her incredible range of resources when developing initiatives focused upon governance, capability and competency to align with FSA compliance issues Joy is responsive and her resourcefulness and generosity is appreciated

Author: Farry Firoozieh - Firoozieh Consulting

DateAdded: 06/11/2012

I wanted to let you know that I have worked with Joy on a couple of projects and have found she is extremely knowledgeable, highly practical and delivers top notch work every time. On top of all that Joy is a great people person, a total pleasure to work with and I believe she can add immense value to the team.

Author: Mike Clarkson - MTD UK

DateAdded: 18/10/2012

I have used Spectrains design service on a number of occasions and have consistently been presented with a product with an outstanding quality of finish. I am guilty of information overload, so, I find Joys ability to clarify needs and outcomes, enables me to focus on key messages and work alongside her to develop a storyboard from an audience focused perspective. Joys designs include film media, animation, sound, images and fonts, all carefully selected to enhance the message, she can always justify her use of imagery, etc to support the message... everything has to have a reason. The outcome for me is the certainty of a perfect and polished presentation of my ideas

Author: Julie Briers - Chubb Fire & Security.

DateAdded: 19/06/2012

Joy....your excellent reputation and trainers brilliant feedback cannot be dispensed with. She has thorough understanding of her subject matter and she is able to convey her knowledge and expertise in a clear and straightforward manner. She is always prepared and shows concern and interest in her trainees. She is really a resource of knowledge and skills. She has a charismatic and dynamic personality. Her presence is joy

Author: Al-Jummah, Reem Jalal - Chevron

DateAdded: 24/05/2012

I have attended many training courses and workshops but till now I didnt meet trainer such as Joy Wilson who can translate the training course into real practical experience, it is like feeding by spoon you will get all amounts of food She always go beyond the expectations of courses attendees, we were more than delighted You will never feel bored, she give us a great rich material by vary techniques she will make you able to deal with many critical situation effectively and efficiently. Her generous is exceptional never have she hesitated to give us all the information and inquiries to share the experience. Really she is marvelous Joy February 11 2012

Author: Atef AlAbsi - Samra Plant OM Co

DateAdded: 11/02/2012

I just wanted to first of all say thank you for the organisation of a very successful training and give you a bit of added feedback. I would appreciate if you could add this information to the feedbacks you have received. I was a bit apprehensive in doing this training but the moment I entered the room Joy, our trainer, immediately made me feel completely at ease. Instead of a feeling of pressure to fulfil performance expectations I was able to relax and take the utmost from this training. As I already mentioned in my feedback, there was never a dull moment and the information transmitted to us was done in a very interesting, energising and humorous way. All the exercises, although we sometimes at the time found some of them quite stressful, each had their specific learning purpose. She very much adapted to each of our different personalities and created a very energetic atmosphere in our team. Particularly she was able to give us a lot of insight into dealing with the different opinions, different situations and different characters in a team and how to appreciate other peoples point of view and together to come to a consensus. Amongst many other things I have come away feeling more motivated, much more confident and with a much broader tolerance and understanding of other people's attitudes in our business groups and teams. It certainly came over that she has a lot of experience and can easily adapt to each of our personalities so that no-one was left out and a true bonding was formed in the group. She definitely has a talent for leading these sessions and she certainly holds these sessions in a very interesting way. I don't think we could have expected to get any more from a training !!!!! Hopefully all the other assistants with DuPont will be able to profit from this experience too and personally I hope that I will also have another opportunity to do further training with her. Kind regards, Irena Schuller

Author: Irena Schuller - DuPont

DateAdded: 17/10/2011

Hi Joy, Did not get the opportunity to say you bye and to thank you. Thanks a lot for this training. As I told you what I really liked was the self-awareness approach of it. Learn a lot from myself! Hope we will have more opportunities to bring you back here. Cheers

Author: Guillaume Panzani - Samra Plant O&M Co

DateAdded: 16/03/2011

I believe the ITD Leadership Team learned a lot about the dynamics of a team, stages in the development of a team and finally how to move to a higher performing group. The instructor was also excellent, she was very flexible in the course agenda, adjusting to the needs of the group throughout the course rather than focused only on the pre-set material. The course evaluation forms were unanimously positive

Author: Dave Blizzard - Chevron

DateAdded: 08/03/2011

Joy Thanks again for last week. The evaluations of the course were excellent as we knew they would be. I do hope to see you back here at JO in the not too distant future.

Author: Katherine Laidlar - Chevron Joint Operations Kuwait

DateAdded: 09/08/2010

I have worked alongside Joy as a member of a team of associate consultants on a large public sector development programme. Joy maintained an enthusiastic approach and consistently delivered with an interactive and collaborative style. I have also sub contracted work using Joys services as an independent consultant. Joy designed the process and including content to enable a diverse range of organisations to work together via action learning sets for a multi stakeholder public sector project. Her learner centred approach to facilitating the sets contributed to establishing an environment that enabled the participants to overcome bureaucracy and discover solutions to move the project forward

Author: ClareForrest - structuredlearning

DateAdded: 22/12/2009

Joy developed competency frameworks for our leadership and administration roles. She further developed training programmes mapped to the competencies to enable our employees to demonstrate and receive feedback on their performance and to identify development needs. Joys work provided the foundation for ongoing development of our performance and succession management strategy. Service Category Business Consultant Year first hired 2008 Top Qualities Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Author: Robert Hirst - Yemen LNG

DateAdded: 28/11/2009

The trainer was excellent, cooperative and energetic and able to deal with all of the team. I have very good knowledge on new aspects of performance appraisal Thank you Joy for your good effort

Author: Hala Azzeh - Samra Plant O&M Co

DateAdded: 30/07/2009

Hi Joy - no contact for weeks, then two connections in quick succession! How are you doing - still in Jordan? You'll be happy to know that your work with us has been an excellent foundation.. Paul has been taking your Focus On Results standards and developing individualised Competence workbooks for the secretaries firstly. We'll be moving to the middle managers competencies soon Hope to work with you again - it was great.

Author: Phil Campbell - Yemen LNG Company Ltd

DateAdded: 19/06/2009

Joy, This has already proved useful as I knew it would. Two of the participants on the last course are being considered for a permanent position. Despite the difficulties and extreme frustration at times, I believe that the workshops will ultimately be of benefit to most of the ladies and to YLNG. Thanks again for all your efforts

Author: Stuart Davidson - Yemen LNG Company Limited

DateAdded: 27/03/2009

I really enjoyed the course, but in particular, enjoyed your inclusive and dynamic style. I haven't had a great deal of time to review the course material yet, but I suspect that without yourself it would have been a much drier experience. You made it very real, and I genuinely feel there are skills there I can focus on and use. I am a great believer that all training is good, and that if you don't engage you are letting yourself down, never mind anyone else. It was a real pleasure meeting, and training with you. Take care, and thank you for your connection last week.

Author: Sally Wiltshire - Fujitsu

DateAdded: 18/01/2008

The course was extremely well received and the post course feedback from the group was excellent. Thank You.

Author: K Fletcher - Broadskill

DateAdded: 04/10/2007

It’s our pleasure to have someone like you on board; “can do spirit” and “let’s enjoy” as well, it’s just what we need more of our people to adopt!!

Author: Peter Dutfield - PETER CHARLES SOLUTIONS

DateAdded: 11/05/2007

Joy has been an associate consultant with Elanesse Training Solutions since 2004. During 2005 we were successful in securing a contract with Alfred McAlpine who employ approx 8500 people in the field of facilities management, infrastructure services, and civil engineering. The contract has involved delivering management courses to groups of mixed ability and from a variety of occupational areas. The feedback that Joy has received from delegates has been consistently excellent. I would highly recommend Joy as a consultant who will add value to your HR development strategy.

Author: Lester Silvert - Elanesse Training Solutions

DateAdded: 25/09/2006

Hi Joy & Nici It went really well. Everyone was extremely positive and receptive and impressed! They have given me a list as long as my arm of things they want to see : costing, performance, assessment of this against classroom training..... etc. So thanks both because the praise belongs to you two more than anyone else on this project. Thanks for your guidance and support, for the heated discussions and the resulting decisions, thanks for all the research you did outside normal hours and thanks for staying late and getting the job done. I learnt so many things from you and I know why Karen describes you as "professionals! The next step is to weigh the costs up and how we can measure the ROI. If that goes well, then I'll be seeing you both next year for some serious nose to screen story-boarding! Marie.

Author: Marie Jennings - AstraZeneca

DateAdded: 03/09/2006

The whole team came back to the office last night enthused and stimulated by your course. They all found it very motivating and got a lot out of it. Thanks again for designing such a pertinent and valuable course for the duty office team. Regards, Sue

Author: Sue Durkan - Granada TV

DateAdded: 02/08/2006

The message I take from this feedback is that you ran two extremely successful events that fully met their objectives. I was pleased with the opportunities for discussion and impressed with the outcomes. I think it is quite probable that we will wish to use your excellent facillitation skills to further develop the mentoring culture (and I definitely won't forget you for other things) in our Department. Thank you.

Author: Rosemary Kavanagh - AstraZeneca

DateAdded: 02/08/2006

Well what can I say? Not only did the customersend me a note but she made a point of coming to thank me personally (like I had anything to do with it) for the splendid job you did for her yesterday. I know that you are well versed with the practices of good customer service, however, when you put yourselves out in this way you basically make the difference which symbolises what Discovery IS. Your efforts just enhance the team reputation and do not go unnoticed. Thank you for this dedication and for making my job easier. This note made my day. I have forwarded this onto your team lead and also to Rosemary. Well done and thank you Karen

Author: Karen Mellor - AstraZeneca

DateAdded: 02/08/2006

The biggest ever THANK YOU. Today was so good for me and I really can't thank you enough for all your support and mentoring last Friday. With your guidance I was able to feedback the most professionally I could ever have hoped for

Author: Jacqui Rafferty - NorthWest Vision

DateAdded: 25/06/2006

The quality of the work was high, and the training delivered by you was very appreciated by the management of Jordan Telecom. On my side I really appreciate your professionalism and availability even after the end of the project. The level of success of if was in great part from your contribution.

Author: Jean Michel Poulalion - Jordan Telecom

DateAdded: 25/06/2006

Very satisfied, I'd suspected at the start that I didn't think action learning was entirely appropriate for this project - I'd hope I made that clear but even so, Joy's flexibility was much appreciated. We're feeding that back to the CfPS who provided the funding. As it turned out, the issues that emerged (within our project team) we're entirely down to personalities - Joy's support was invaluable at some crucial points. Either acting as a facilitator or just one-to-one email and phone communication with me. Which has all been great for my professional development. We got there in the end, and all the people that matter are satisfied with the review - so all in all it was a success!

Author: Andrew Burridge - Stockport MBC

DateAdded: 25/06/2006

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