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Message 8 of 8: Barry Wall on 07/03/2013
Caught this thread late and therefore missed out on some wailing and gnashing of teeth. :)

The idea of training is so far past its sell by date it is prehistoric. we live in a knowledge economy, and the term is something out of sixties manufacturing. My recent CPD has taken me into the realms of why education is not educating and it has been fascinating to say the least.

I recently "trained" some young people moving into a sales career and to say that this was not pure teaching would be an understatement. This current generation of 18-23 year old are suffering from over emotionality brought on by the child centred approach of the previous curriculum. They had an appalling poverty of ambition let alone any get up an go.

Likewise the cultural, spiritual and learning gap between the older (managers, owners etc.) and the younger generation is so drastically fractured that it makes conflict inevitable in most situations. I still maintain that OD is the way forward. HR as a process of the learning field is dead, police make terrible teachers. L & D does not have the overarching power to control HR, Operations and the economic culture of organisations. In today's world its develop and change or die for organisations and individuals, The ham fisted attempts to maintain the procedural status quo by the old guard is hampering new thinking and fluid cultures that value individuality, reward collaborative and team activities, encourage autonomous working and development alongside fostering a concept of learning for all at all times for its own sake.

Watching companies go bust (HMV) is made more interesting when we recognise the status quo killed them, denial of change was the weapon and self aggrandisement and protecting enclaves the motive.

It is time for OD to rise, then we can see informal education in the workplace that expects a rigour from learners that the profession requires, based on educational outcomes which over arch and therefore exceed targets and kpi's for economical, financial and cultural wealth generation in the organisation itself.

Or am I bonkers?

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