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Message 1 of 3: Peter Mayes on 27/11/2013
Hi all

In my role as editor of TrainerBase and confidant and coach to quite a number of members I am privvy to a range of operating protocols (often being asked to comment or advise on).

One such document was passed to me recently. It was from a lead training organisation looking for associates.

The document was quite a piece of work extending beyond a dozen pages with a raft of headings and clauses. I gave it a good scan and reported positively back to the member.

Whilst much of the document was what one would expect to be included in a contract there was one protocol that I had not seen expressed before and for which I commend the company:

They stated explicitly that they would only pay remuneration into a Business Bank account.

A while ago I undertook a survey about learning and development practicewas and startled by the near 20% of respondents who indicated that they did not have a business bank account and I presumed were therefore 'trading' in contravention of many, probably most of the main banks terms. I reviewed three of the major banks ToS and all stated that a personal current account is not for 'trading' purposes.

In a sector that is populated with jobbing and hobby trainers; having a business account must suggest a seriousness of intent. Perhaps purchasers could review their contract terms and only engage with practitioners who are 'eligible' (under financial rules) to trade a service for remuneration outside that of an employment status.

Founder and Editor of TrainerBase
Helping business and other organisations find trainers.

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Message 2 of 3: Nigel Cullingford on 27/11/2013
Hi Peter
I too am surprised but can understand why people avoid business bank accounts due to the fees charged even for simple transactions. Feel, however, that the risk of leaving oneself wide open to the banks if (when?) they do an audit and discover the anomaly might be even more expensive!

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Message 3 of 3: Peter Mayes on 27/11/2013

Yes; and then there are the BT 'domestic' land lines being used by small businesses. Eons ago when I was a semi professional photographer I was really worried that if I advertised and my phone number was discovered by BT to be a 'non business' line I would be in all sorts of trouble. I signed up to the more expensive business line; all part of the overheads in running a business.


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