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TrainerBase exists to foster the success of members of the learning and development community. We do this by providing a free service to business and other organisations looking to develop and change. TrainerBase is here for those who believe they have a training need. The site does this by providing a freely searchable directory of over 2,500 learning and development practitioner and a jobs/contract opportunity board to post training requirements. TrainerBase has been successfully helping business and other organisation find trainers for over twelve years. And to increase the success of members, TrainerBase is here to serve those with a training need in anyway that it can including helping define the need.

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TrainerBase has been successfully helping business find trainers since 2002.

Do you need a new training provider? Is your approved supplier list beginning to look a little dated?

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Peter J Mayes (founder and editor of TrainerBase) is a keen champion of purposeful learning and development that meets the needs of organisations, teams and individuals. To help fulfil this he provides free advice and guidance to members of TrainerBase on competent and ethical practice and also personal support to purchasers looking to find the right training provider. Where necessary this includes on site
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for organisations looking for assistance with learning and development practice.



Are you looking for QUALITY ASSURED TRAINERS? Certified Learning and Development Practitioner (CLP) is TrainerBase's own comprehensive and rigorous accreditation scheme and the only accreditation that provides evidence of competence as an independent/freelance trainer, course developer or training adviser.

When you choose a CLP for your next training project you can be confident that the trainer, course developer or training adviser will act in a competent and ethical manner. For a reference please email info [at] trainerbase [dot] co [dot] uk.

TrainerBase can assure you of that.

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