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Practitioner Accreditation and Qualification
There are a large number of Learning and Development courses, qualifications and accreditations in the market. Many are operated by the main Institutions including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). It may be worth noting that many learning and development courses and qualifications have a grade level 3.

A qualification is evidence that a practitioner knows about a subject. This is different to an accreditation which is evidence that a practitioner is engaged in practice. TrainerBase had a need to devise way of identifying via a Standard and then evidencing through an accreditation, the competence of it members. A group of 11 experts in business and learning and development created the Standard for Learning and Development Practitioners and the Certified Learning and Development Practitioner (CLP) accreditation. This provides TrainerBase with the ability to recommend members who had proved competence. The Standard formed the basis for a level 5 qualification. The Standard is introduced and expanded upon in the Article section TrainerBase Standard and Accreditation.

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