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When a visitor to the TrainerBase web site signs up and is approved they become a User on the TrainerBase database.

Membership of the TrainerBase is gained by taking out a subscription, which is currently £175 for a year. A Member on the Trainerbase web site starts with a basic pop up window profile. A trainer with a Basic profile is identified in a search listing with the 'more...' link. The Basic profile has limited facilities and limited search engine optimisation.

The fully enhanced profile (available after activation) is a web enabled, search engine optimised window. Activating the profile can be done in Edit Profile and will form some of the later top tips. The level of customisation of the Full enhanced profile is significant and can seriously increase your rankings on the internet. To identify a Full enhanced profile click on a member's 'MORE...' link. Statistics tell us that Full enhanced profiles get 4 times the number of visits than a pop up profile and purchasers of training tell us that that are more likely to view a enhanced profile first.

In further postings I will explain some of the intricacies of the TrainerBase web site and how to raise your profile including:

  • Points and Ranking (getting yourself up the search results)
  • Activating and populating a Full enhanced profile (and how to help your own web site)
  • Sharing resources (without giving away your stock in trade)
  • Who been looking at your profile (how popular are you)
  • Networking (making contacts in a virtual world)
  • Applying for opportunities (how not to get yourself eliminated before you start)

And if there are other topics that you would like an explanation about, please feel free to get in touch.

If there is anything else you would like to know about what TrainerBase is doing to benefit its members please feel free to contact us.


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Peter Mayes

Peter Mayes.

Peter Mayes is the founder and editor of TrainerBase; dedicated to helping business and other organisations find trainers and trainers find business.

Contact details:
Tel 01239 711544

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Contributor: Peter J Mayes

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