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Populating and activating an Enhanced Profile

Membership to TrainerBase enables a trainer to have an Enhance profile on the web site. As mentioned in other articles there are three types of profile: Lite, Standard and the Full Enhanced. This and other articles provide advice and guidance on activating and then populating an Enhanced profile.

A word to the wise; our investigations have shown that the Full enhanced profile offers significant advantages over Standard profiles including:

  • up to 400% more visitors
  • purchasers say they look at Enhanced profile first
  • search engine optimistation capability helps members own business web site rankings
  • and more

Given that there is a huge amount of functionality within the Full Enhanced profile I will break up the functionality into a number of articles including:

  • Activating your profile and starting editing pages
  • Adding images and links
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Resources, courses and programmes


Activating your profile

The first point to note is that when you take out membership to TrainerBase you start with a Standard profile. You will need to populate and activate your Enhance profile. Until you do your profile will remain a Standard pop up profile.

Assuming that you are logged in to Edit Details and can see the wide range of options you have available; in Section 1 you should click on the Activate/Deactivate your profile link. The following window will display a form showing:

  • Profile Address
  • Profile Terms
  • Profile Status

The Profile Address is required as this creates what is called a landing page for your profile. This will be the 'address' that you can use to get visitors to visit your profile. The first part of the address is already set - , you need to fill in the field after this. If your business was called Acme Training you could add 'Acme' to the field. This would result in your profile address being   .

Given that you are in business it is highly advisable to include Terms on your profile. You can do this at a later date if you so wish but bear in mind that if a purchaser finds you via your TrainerBase profile and you have not declared your terms, they can impose their terms on you.

The Profile Status enables you to control whether your Enhanced profile is 'visible'. I would advise that in the early stages of populating your profile you keep the Status at 'Inactive (TrainerBase Standard)'.

Before you can do anything you need to click on the 'Update your profile' button. This sets up the requirements on the system that enables you to add details to your profile.

Start editing pages

One of the key benefits of the Enhanced profile is the ability to add text, pictures, tables, links and more to the pages of your profile. This significantly improves the amount of content and aesthetics of the profile you present to purchasers but as important, it increases your search engine optimisation and rankings.

Be aware that gets over 15,000 search engine robots indexing the site each month. Many of these robots get to index member profiles.

Click on the Edit pages of your profile link and please read the notes on this page as this will help you with populating your profile. In the 'Select a page' drop down list, choose the 'Title & Main heading' and click 'Edit'. The 2 fields available are:

  • Profile Heading; this is the heading that appears at the top of each of your profile pages. Taking the Acme example you could put Acme Training Solutions in this field, and
  • Home page title; this is the title that appears at the top of the main part of your home page.

Once you have filled in these fields click on the 'Update Page >>' button (and the OK in the message box).

The next step is to start adding text to some of your pages. In the 'Select a page' drop down list, choose the 'Home Page' and click 'Edit'. The window that appears contains a web page editor. At a most fundamental level you can start typing into this text editor. The toolbar offers formatting functionality such as size, justification, bold, italic and colours. And for those of you who know a little bit about Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) there is the option to amend the html code of what you have entered into the text box. A word of warning; do not copy and paste from Microsoft Word or other word processor. If you are going to construct your page in another application, then please use an HTML editor such as FrontPage, Web Expressions or Dreamweaver.

Once you have got some introduction text into your Home page click on the 'Save' button. This now means that you have some text on the home page of your profile. Go to the 'Activate/Deactivate your profile' link and change the Profile Status to 'Active (Enhanced)' and click on the 'Update Profile >>' button.

Visit our YouTube channel and listen to a help file on Activating an Enhance Profile

Now you can let people know that your Enhance profile is active on TrainerBase.

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