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Contributing articles to TrainerBase

TrainerBase is a successful marketing channel. Marketing is, amongst other things, showcasing what you know and do. A powerful way of achieving this is to share your knowledge with others through the publication of blogs and articles. TrainerBase would like to publish your materials.

So what are we looking for?

We are looking for articles; either exclusive or previously published that have a relevance to two distinct markets:

  • Trainers and training providers (learning and development practitioners)
  • Purchasers of training related services (line and learning and development managers)

Articles for trainers and training providers
These articles will be of interest to freelance sole traders as well as company directors who are charged with running and learning and development operation. This operation could be as primarily or solely as an associate or primarily or solely providing services to their direct clients. The basic premise is that these individuals will be operating within a commercial environment. Areas of interest could be about;

  • CPD
  • Aspects of learning and development consultancy, design, delivery and evaluation
  • Elements of running a business including legal frameworks, sales, marketing and finance

Articles for purchasers of training related services
These articles will be of interest to the growing number of line and operational managers who are being given staff development responsibilities and budgets. The key aspect of this group of employees is that they are likely to have little or no knowledge of learning and development principles. What is more they are unlikely to have any significant experience or expertise in analysing or specifying learning and development projects. Areas of interest could be about:

  • Learning needs analysis
  • Alternatives to conventional training
  • Support for learning and development initiatives
  • Defining a learning and development initiative
  • Sourcing and contracting in freelance training providers
  • Working out whether the learning and development initiative has been successful



Articles should be written; where possible, using the following format:

  • Introduction
    A short paragraph that grabs the interest of the reader by outlining the context of the content
  • The body of the article.
    This can be as short as a few hundred words or as long as a few thousand. The article could have a traditional format with a beginning, middle and end. Or the article could be more of a dialogue leading the reader though a number of related topics.
  • Conclusion
    This is not necessary if the body of the article has provided a sufficient ending however conclusions or summaries can bring an article to a close; repeating the main points of interest.



All contributors of articles will be showcased at the end. This is a short paragraph about the author including a picture and contact details. These should be included and where possible should include a TrainerBase profile.

If you have one or more articles or ideas for articles that you think would be of interest to the two target groups and that would benefit your presence on the TrainerBase web site and within the learning and development market; please email me direct at


Contributor Profile

Peter Mayes

Peter Mayes. Peter Mayes is the founder and editor of TrainerBase; dedicated to helping business and other organisations find trainers and trainers find business.
Contact details: Tel 07970 746077

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Contributor: Peter Mayes

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