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Why TrainerBase helping business find trainers

Since 2002, TrainerBase has been helping business and other organisations find trainers. Why?

Because we want training to be a transformational success for organisation and their staff.

Many organisations, at some point, will have a requirement to improve the knowledge, skills and behaviours of staff. These organisations have a requirement to purchase a service. Back in 2001most of the avenues to source training providers incurred a cost; advertising, agency or recruitment fees which adversely affected training budgets. It was my belief that a free to use online market place was the answer. The site would be populated by training providers who wanted to sell their services and would be interested and willing to pay to be registered on a web site which was frequented by purchasers.

Development of TrainerBase was started in 2001 and was launched in February 2002.

Since its launch, TrainerBase has seen a huge increase in internet activity and the emergence of ‘social media’ sites. It cannot be denied that these sites; FaceBook, LinkedIn and others have proved a direct threat to TrainerBase. That said TrainerBase still provides a valuable and in many cases unique services to purchasers of learning, development and training.

Why is TrainerBase different from and better than the rest?

  • There is no requirement for a visitor to register in order to view the hundreds of trainer profiles on the site
  • The site is a professional community and is not generally frequented by amateur Jobbing and Hobby trainers
  • The site requires a subscription; evidence that members are serious about their business

Why should business and other organisations looking to find training providers use TrainerBase?

  • TrainerBase is a business community frequented by professional learning and development practitioners
  • There are hundreds of trainer profile on the site
  • Posting contract opportunities is free
  • You can use TrainerBase to post a contract on your behalf and remain anonymous

TrainerBase provides free advice and guidance to purchasers of learning and development services

Our reason d’être is to help organisations find successful and transformational training.

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Peter Mayes

Peter Mayes. Peter Mayes is the founder and editor of TrainerBase; dedicated to helping business and other organisations find trainers and trainers find business. Contact details: Tel 07970 746077

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Contributor: Peter J Mayes

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