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Activists are Taking Over the World?

How often do you hear phrases along these lines: change is the only constant, the pace keeps increasing, do more in less time etc? Although every organisation is different I can’t remember vi... Nigel Cullingford. Dip.CIPD

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Views: 1260,  Added: 02/06/2014

Dialogue, Dictate, Discussion; an informal analysis


Since starting my training related business back in 2000 I have been, and still am a member of many online forums. In the pre social media days of LinkedIn, Facebook and twit... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 3,  Added: 22/04/2014

Inspired Leadership

Carl Rogers, a late and eminent American psychotherapist, argued that the essence of any successful therapeutic relationship was what he called ‘unconditional positive regard’. It sounds very grand, b... Gavin Presman

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Views: 1721,  Added: 07/02/2011,  Rating: 4/5 (from 2 votes)

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