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A guilde to creating learning and development resources

It is gratifying for me to be seen by some as a font of knowledge with regards to standards in learning and development practice. The development of the Standard has indeed provided me with conside... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 8,  Added: 23/04/2014,  Rating: 5/5 (from 2 votes)

The Associate Trap is a Myth

Since around 2004 I have heard business development gurus within the learning and development sector champion that undertaking Associate work is a second grade inescapable trap that any trainers wh... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 5,  Added: 15/04/2014,  Rating: 5/5 (from 1 votes)

The essential of brand positioning

Since starting TrainerBase in 2002 I have met hundreds of trainers and in the course of conversation have often asked; ‘what do you do’? The vast majority respond in an unconvincing way... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 9,  Added: 31/07/2013,  Rating: 5/5 (from 1 votes)

Protecting your Stock in Trade

In a previous article I introduced the idea that a practitioner’s knowledge and skills; their intellectual property needs to be protected. In this article I expand on some of the practicalities. Le... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 3,  Added: 25/06/2013

Design and deliver; an associate quandary

The TrainerBase office regularly receives enquiries from training companies, mainly international, looking for associates to design and deliver courses, often in a foreign country, to that training... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 7,  Added: 25/06/2013,  Rating: 4/5 (from 1 votes)

Associate verses Direct clients; what is best?

This is a topic that I have seen arise on numerous occasions in the years since 2002 when I set up TrainerBase. The topic is mentioned in articles on operating model and also as a heads up for purc... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 3,  Added: 24/06/2013

Real Life Scenarios; an introduction

In a variety of previous articles I have;

  • outlined the reasoning for devising the framework
  • considered the scope of behavioural evidence
  • expanded the remit of the competence...

 Peter J Mayes

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Views: 477,  Added: 21/06/2013

Specialist or generalist; what do purchasers look for?

Topic expertise is contentious issue and one that I approach with some caution. When it comes down to the number of topics in which a practitioner can sensibly have sufficient expertise to provide ... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 3,  Added: 20/06/2013

What makes a good trainer?

A recent posting within a group on one of the major business orientated social media platforms posed this valid question. As is to be expected a number of contributors suggested this or that attrib... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 300,  Added: 19/06/2013,  Rating: 5/5 (from 1 votes)

How to win tender on TrainerBase and other platforms?

This article distils some of the most important elements that are necessary in winning contracts on TrainerBase and other platforms. As founder and editor of TrainerBase I have been privy to a lot ... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 7,  Added: 18/06/2013,  Rating: 4/5 (from 1 votes)

Setting a rate

This article examines what is perceived by some as the mystic art of ‘knowing what I should charge’. Of course working out what you should charge isn’t mystical nor artful; workin... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 134,  Added: 17/06/2013,  Rating: 4/5 (from 5 votes)

Identifying and protecting intellectual property; an introduction

This article introduces the concept of practitioner property and the importance of protecting that property from an unregulated and on occasions unscrupulous commercial environment. Future articles wi... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 466,  Added: 14/06/2013

The legal framework for a learning and development practitioner

This article introduces some of the elements of legality when an individual trades as a learning and development practitioner. I am aware that there is considerable discussion about what statute or... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 83,  Added: 14/06/2013,  Rating: 4/5 (from 2 votes)

What is the best Practitioner Operating status?

This article introduces the dilemma faced by many learning and development practitioners at some point in their trading lives; what is the best operating status, significantly the advantages between S... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 504,  Added: 13/06/2013

A Practitioner Business Model

Within the learning and development sector there are a number of business, working or trading models or ways of contracting. This article identified the main business models and explains some of the k... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 519,  Added: 13/06/2013

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