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Items in the Going Independent Category

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As an independent practitioner; where can I get support?

For many in the freelance world, life is a solitary existence whilst the knowledge requirements are are often daunting. Don't ever think that you can do everything yourself; whilst you might be tal... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 17,  Added: 09/12/2013

Can I market and sell? A practitioner dilemma.

So you are a good trainer, get good results from your practices, learners learn and clients are happy. But will you survive in business?

If the above is true about your competence as a trai... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 8,  Added: 09/12/2013

Am I a good (enough) trainer

This highly subjective question has received a lot of deliberation within TrainerBase (and the previous Association) as it influences our ability to recommend or provide a reference for our members... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 443,  Added: 09/12/2013

Legal requirement for Independent Practitioners

Current affairs programmes have been heard to comment on the number of new pieces of legislation that have been introduced in the first decade of the 21st centaury. One figure that was proposed was... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 433,  Added: 09/12/2013,  Rating: 5/5 (from 1 votes)

Do I have what it takes to go independent

TrainerBase has gather evidence from various sources including the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on the size of the learning development market place. Suffice to say the figures are confusin... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 427,  Added: 09/12/2013

An introduction to going Independent

Research by TrainerBase indicates that the majority of learning and development practitioners, whether internal or independent, became so by accident. A significant number in the independent sector... Peter J Mayes

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Views: 468,  Added: 09/12/2013

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