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This page enables members to SHOUT about what they do; it is an overt Sales Pitch message board.

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 Buying training services

As part of TrainerBase's support for those that buy in external training providers I have created a seminar (approx 3.5 hours) which outlines various elements that can ensure that the resources invested; pay off.
As a result of attending the seminar you will be in a position to:
explain when a particular training spend may not be the answer
describe the difference between input and performance specifications
compare different training delivery methodologies
define an organisational and individual objective
explain how you might find the perfect training provider
choose the most appropriate provider from a shortlist
evaluate business impact
develop an argument for more rather than less training

The seminar is primarily aimed at non learning and development specialists who nevertheless have a requirement or believe their department or organisation would benefit from performance improvement training. The seminar could also be of benefit to:
non purchasing senior staff who wish to gain insights into buying training that might benefit their organisation
newly appointed learning and development officers
product procurement personnel interested in the sometimes mystical art of purchasing professional services
Whilst this seminar may help training companies who subcontract to associates, the seminar is not aimed at freelance associate trainers.

If you are interested in attending this seminar (various locations throughout the UK) please let me know.
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