CPD Record

Comprehensive study of NHS Finance

In preparation of a finance course for clinicians in the NHS I researched many documents to provide ...

Date: 20 Feb 2015

Source: Web based, and NHS Trust published reports

Study of Six Sigma

Reading and practical work of the formation and implementation of a Six Sigma intitiative.

Date: 13 Apr 2012

Source: Library materials

Developing an Online Sales Strategy

1 day Workshop

Date: 9 Feb 2011

Source: CW IT services and Higher Associates workshop

Sage Line 50 Accountancy

Undersanding how to access key management information reports from Sage Line 50

Date: 23 Jul 2006

Source: Accounts Doctor - Richard Burrell

Facilitation skills workshop for trainers


Date: 27 Jun 2006


The Secret of Toyota's Success

A development workshop based on Japanese production methods.

Date: 16 Nov 2005

Source: South West RDA manufacturing advice service

Research on Belbin Team Roles

Reading and desk research on the value an determination of the Belbin roles for the composition of m...

Date: 12 Sep 2005

Source: Management teams why they succeed or fail by R.M.B

Bank of England Economic briefing

Update on economic matters by the Bank of England at their regional offices in Exeter

Date: 13 Oct 2004


HR Training

Managing sickness and absence

Date: 12 Oct 2004


Institute of Directors Qualification

Certificate in Company Directorship programme - The Role of the company director and the Law

Date: 7 Sep 2004


Search Engine Optimisation

Workshop covering most aspects of web based marketing

Date: 26 Feb 2004