CPD Record

Activity Title
Occupational and Organisatiional Stress Management
Activity Date
3 Sep 2004
Activity Description
To become knowledgeable about the nature of stress, its management and prevention Be able to apply this knowledge in the workplace to recognise stress in self, employees and the organisation
Activity Source
Centre for Stress Management
Identify the main physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms of stress in self and others Examine primary, secondary and tertiary stress management interventions at the individual and organisational levels Develop a range of strategies and techniques to tackle stress at work and home including thinking skills, coaching skills and Type A modification Recognise organisational symptoms of stress Examine the 2001 HSE guidelines and guide for employees Understand the 2001 HSE stress risk assessment Be aware of the main sources of occupational and organisational stress Identify what managers, health professionals and trainers can do to prevent and manage stress at work
Updates and additional information to support professional application
Certifiacte in Stress Management

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