Clients List

Working Links (Directorate)

Executive Coaching for Corporate Execs.

Contact Name: Simon Shimmens

QinetiQ (Operations)

Building Effective Relationships with the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI).

A programme of personal awareness and conflict management for remote teams working in the Outer Hebrides.

Contact Name: Trevor Cox

Cytec Ltd (Director of Operations)

Executive Coaching to support business and personal peformance improvement.

Contact Name: Ray Swaddle

Bennett & Co (Directorate)

Coaching the Management Team using the Strength Deployment Inventory to build more effective working relationships and improve performance of team.

Contact Name: Stephen Bennett

NTP Meridian (Directorate)

Deliver a range of creative and other soft skills session to support delivery to clients

Contact Name: Mike Rix

NTP Transmit (Strategic)

Developed and co-facilitated launch programme for new team to build relationships and create an environment for contunuous performance improvement.

Contact Name: Norah Keaney-Corr

SRM Ltd (Directorate)

Executive Coaching for members of the Executive team. Focused on high performance and achievement of goals and objectives

Contact Name: Stewart McGown

York St John's College (HR & Training)

Design and delivery of a range of accelerated learning skills sessions to support strategic development programme across the college.

Contact Name: Jonathan Broadhurst

Business Link South Yorkshire (HR)

Development and implementation of a competency framwork.

High Performance Coaching for Business Advisors.

Contact Name: Andrea Cox