Clients List

Association of Project Management

Delivery of Customer Service and Team building programmes August and september 2010

Delivery of assessor skills for Project Managers assessing the Registered Project Professional Standard

DS Data Training Ltd (Training department)

Report writing for managers

Contact Name: Dennis Elliott

Employment Opportunities (Head Office)

Designed and delivered a one day workshop on managing caseloads and prioritisation
Designed and delivered a one day workshop on managing employer relationships
Delivered in Birmingham, Stockport, Edinburgh and Brighton

Contact Name: Sara Piggott

British Computer Society (HR)

Design and delivery of five day programme supporting assessors responsible for a team of assessors throughout the UK

Contact Name: Jeanette Miller

Swindon College (Human Resources)

Delivery of one day workshops on 'Interviewing Skills' for Managers within the College

Contact Name: Chris Howells

Ideas 21 (head office)

how to carry out Market Research. seminars for inventors

Contact Name: Linda Oakley

Leaps and Bounds (Asssociate)

Customer Service for housing dept
Assessment services for client

Contact Name: Bill Esterton

Swindon Borough Council (Social Care department)

Interview skills training

Contact Name: Fiona Sands

Swindon Borough Council (HR)

Practical and entertaining presentation skills programme designed to boost confidence and to help participants to produce painfree effective presentations

Contact Name: Fiona Sands

Swindon Borough Council (Learning and Development)

Appraisal skills Briefings
Appraisal Skills Workshops

Contact Name: Fiona Sands

Exemplas Ltd (Business Link Hertfordshire)

Customer Effectiveness in Sofia Bulgaria

Contact Name: Malcolm Johnston

Business Link Suffolk (Estern Region)

Front line Impact for enquiry officers

Contact Name: Yvonne Moores

Business Link West Mercia (West Midlands Gateway)

Front line Impact for Enquiry officers

Contact Name: Ian Jones

Mid Cornwall Enterprise Trust (Training department)

Coaching for Business Advisers covering finance and marketing against SFEDi Standards

Contact Name: Alan Moore (Business Support)

Market research seminars for women entrepreneurs

Contact Name: Emma McLaughlin

South West Tourism Guide (Skills Network)

Handling complaints workshops for service providers

Contact Name: Debbie Duffy

Wiltshire County Council (Librairies and Museum Services)

Introduction to marketing and PR

Contact Name: Rosalyn Thomas

Businesswest (HR)

One to one coaching for a number of identified managers
Assessment for Information staff

Contact Name: Manjit Jhalli

Fyfe Group (HR and Finance)

Customer service and telephone skills training

Contact Name: Hilary Inskip

Solomon Hare Acountants (Training department)

Managment Development for newly appointed managers (6 days)
supervisors course (2 days)
Train the trainer courses
one to one coaching of newly appointed managers

Contact Name: Geri Skeens