Bespoke Programmes

Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision is fast becoming a recognised requirement by most leading bodies on coaching.

Organisations are recognising the benefits of having independent support for their internal coaching teams and the quality assurance and value that this brings.

Coaches are recognising the value in having a safe place to take ethical, emotional and challenging issues for exploration and feedback.

Supervision can be provided by telephone, face to face or in groups.

Likely Cost: Sessions from 150 per hour plus VAT

Executive & High Performance Coaching

A series of six 90 minute telephone sessions or six 2 hour face-to-face coaching sessions aimed at Managers, Leaders and Professionals who want to add that extra % to their performance

Likely Cost: From 225 (tel) & 500 (face to face) plus VAT

Developing Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is contributing factor to determining how a person responds to pressure and how that might result in stress.

Research suggests there are four key components that have implications for individuals and teams in the workplace. These are:

Control - the extent to which we feel in control of our lives and emotions
Challenge - how we respond to challenge and unplanned change
Commitment - the extent to which we comit to goals and targets
Confidence - in our abilities and in dealing with others

This development programme uses the reliable measure MTQ48 to explore these four areas and to develop strategies for enabling peak performance and managing stress

Likely Cost: Please get in touch to discuss your needs

Coaching for High Performance

This in company coaching development programme run through Petrossian Associates Ltd, a partner organistion is recognised by the Association for Coaching and has been developed to meet the challenges faced by those working in an environment where developing the capabilities of others to deliver performance is critical.

Accreditation: Recognised by the Association for Coaching

Likely Cost: Contact for details