Bespoke Programmes

Learning and development that fulfills your needs

There are specific advantages associated with bespoke "in-company" learning and development initiatives that make it the first choice for our clients. For example all the topics can be presented and discussed against the culture, practice and experiences of your company and the training is therefore perceived as wholly appropriate with new ideas being more quickly assimilated.


Turned Up and Tuned In

Organisations are increasingly recognising the significant costs associated with high levels of employee absence. At the same time, managers are often unsure about the level and nature of the problems they may be facing, or about how these problems are most effectively addressed.
Research shows that where line managers have training in attendance management, there is a decrease in sickness absence rates.

Coaching for Performance

In today's ever-changing business environment, coaching is probably the most effective method available to managers and team members to develop skills and thereby increase performance.
Coaching is increasingly being used by organisations to improve performance, facilitate learning and underpin rapid organisational change. Although not typically thought of as a stress reduction tool, recent studies have shown it to be useful and represent an untapped resource for employers to improve mental health and wellbeing, reduce stress related symptoms and build individuals resilience.

Balancing Act

Managing life balance is one of today’s major challenges, yet being out of balance can affect all areas of life including business performance. This a worthwhile area to champion as people out of balance tend to suffer from poor wellbeing, and this can be displayed in many ways through ill health, frustration, guilt, lack of focus, poor sleep and eating habits to name just a few.
Knowing how to get a balanced lifestyle is one thing – making it happen in the face of competing, and sometimes even forceful, demands from your family, friends, your colleagues or manager is another.

Resilient Manager

In the current economic climate, workplaces are forced to deal with growing challenges and difficulties including coping with:
*change and uncertainty;
*re-structures and redundancies;
*staff difficulties;
*budget cuts;
*increasing targets and demands;
and all within a challenging marketplace.
This workshop supports managers to build resilience to meet these challenges.

Champion in Health and Wellbeing Management

Maintaining a resilient and high performing workforce is essential for organisations aiming for success. There is now sufficient evidence that health, work and well-being are closely connected and for organisations; promoting employees’ health and wellbeing is rapidly becoming the single most powerful way of enhancing performance and productivity in order to gain a competitive edge.
Attending the Champion in Health and Wellbeing Management programme endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is your opportunity to gain practical skills to:
*build individual and organisational resilience in an ever changing business environment;
*enhance the ability to manage change;
*embed a wellbeing mentality to improve productivity and performance;
*reduce resources lost to absence, stress and staff turnover.

Accreditation: ILM accreditation

Managers Managing Stress

The business impact of employee stress is now an acknowledged factor. Unmanaged stress has a debilitating impact on an organisation, the consequences vary from loss of individual productivity to increased absenteeism to a rise in employee attrition. Team morale and productivity is also adversely affected. Stressful working conditions have a direct negative impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of the workforce and a disgruntled workforce obviously under-performs and underdelivers, leading to an impact on the bottom line.
This workshop is suitable for Senior Managers, Line Managers, Team Leaders, HR, Health and Safety, Occupational Health practitioners.

Manage Pressure Reduce Stress

For some people, both personal factors and their workplace can be sources of stress. Fundamentally, there are two choices, do something about managing stress and things can improve; or ignore it, hope it will go away and find the stress related problems get worse with the resulting consequences.
Sometimes we may think we have no choice about what happens to us or the stress and pressure we experience. Participants on this workshop will have the opportunity to challenge this view and take control by identifying ways to recognise and manage their pressures, therefore minimising stress.