Bespoke Programmes

Truely brilliant customer service

Working with customers on the telephone where it is crucial that the staff get it right every time in a very busy environment

Likely Cost: 750 per day for up to 12 participants

Handling customer complaints

Nobody likes dealing with customer complaints. This programme was designed to help participants recognise how to solve problems before they become complaints, help them to be professional when handling complaints and looking on complaints as an opportunity to improve the service they offered

Likely Cost: 550 one day in house for up to 12 participants

Blowing your own trumpet

A practical PR and marketing one day workshop created for the curators and staff of museums - who have limited budgets for promoting their museums

Likely Cost: 550 for up to 12 participants

Working with Customers

Lots of practical ways to help staff to improve service by building rapport and by empathising with their customers.
covers all the basic skills required by staff working on the telephone

Likely Cost: 750 in house for up to 12 participants