Qualifications offered



Selected PRINCE 2 courses are available on a public schedule and all PRINCE2 Courses are available as on-site training events. Our 99.8% pass rate at the foundation level of PRINCE2 and 87% at the Practitioner level (national average is 77%) places us at the number one position in the top 20 providers of PRINCE2 Training. If you are a registered PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner delegate you will be provided with access to the online PRINCE 2 delegate centre which provides pre-course quizzes to test your knowledge as well as templates and worked examples to help you to run your project using PRINCE2.


This is a fast paced examination-based course, which gives Delegates accreditation to both levels of MSP qualifications. The course equips Delegates with a detailed knowledge and structure of the MSP method covering how programmes evolve and how they are managed throughout their lifecycle. The course includes detailed coverage of programme documentation with development of strategies to manage benefits and Stakeholders. Additionally it includes techniques to identify and manage issues and risks. We have an outstanding 100% success rate on our MSP Foundation level and 81% on our MSP Practitioner level courses.

Change Management


Change is an unstoppable force that is all around us and is happening all of the time. Organisations need to change in order to respond to changes in their environment, which are driven by customer demand, advances in technology or the requirements of new legislation, to name just a few of the reasons. Charles Darwin, writing in the 19th century captured the essence of 21st century corporate life when he said "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." The Principles of Change Management course has been designed to address the needs of these two areas of responsibilities: - those who will experience organisational change, and the upheaval that this will cause to their day to day responsibilities and the role that they perform for the company - those who will define and implement change within an organisation, either at team level or in a wider sphere across the organisation as a whole The Principles of Change Management qualification demonstrates that you have a good understanding of different types of change, the benefits of change and the impact of change on individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. The course will review a wide range of management theories which analyse resistance to change, the steps that individuals and teams go through when adapting to change and the strategies that we can use to ensure change can be implemented in a structured way, taking into account these 'human' factors. The course will draw on your own experiences and ask you to put what you are learning into the context of what you are trying to achieve in your own organisation.