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Quicklearn has a number of free resoources available to download.  We also supply workbooks for all our taining programmes as well as access to books on business writing

Report Writing Made Easy

Very few of us are formally taught the skills of report writing. For most of us our first experience comes when we start work and we are suddenly expected to know how to prepare a business report. Most of us muddle through by copying reports we have seen around the organization or downloaded from the internet. But no longer…. This workbook is designed to take you through the basic principles of report writing using a logical, easy to follow approach. It will also show you how to select the words you need to bring clarity and avoid ambiguity in all your communications. It will never be difficult again.

Type: pdf        Scope: 5. Comprehensive

Size: 0.6MB

Assertiveness Made Easy

Assertive communication is much more than a set of techniques. Assertiveness is very much about how you feel about yourself and if you are happy with the way that you relate to other people and they relate to you. This self-study workbook is all about how to behave assertively in the workplace . It is a step by step guide to understanding the true nature of assertiveness and help you to recognise submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviours. It covers your personal rights and responsibilities and shows you how select the appropriate techniques to deal with aggressive and submissive behaviours in others.

Type: pdf        Scope: 5. Comprehensive

Size: 0.8MB

Questions Types

Examples of different questions handout

Type: pdf        Scope: Not Specified

Size: 29.50KB

Customer Service handout

Useful for most basic courses covering CS

Type: pdf        Scope: Not Specified

Size: 35.47KB

Ten questions for customer service

Handy reminder of the differences between inward and outward focused businesses

Type: pdf        Scope: Not Specified

Size: 35.47KB

The Sales Process

Handout on selling for staff who are new to the process

Type: pdf        Scope: Not Specified

Size: 43.93KB

Assertiveness group exercise

Activity for small groups to discuss and share findings

Type: pdf        Scope: Not Specified

Size: 24.07KB

Listening skills Assessment

A simple listening self assessment to use on communication skills training programmes

Type: doc        Scope: 3. Outline

Size: 39.42KB

Interviews handout

A handout detailing the role of the interviewer and the interviewee in the interview process

Type: doc        Scope: 3. Outline

Size: 34.30KB