"One of my greatest regrets is that Ivan seems to be job hunting when I can't afford him and too loyal to move when I can. I am totally convinced that his blend of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic, Analytical mind, determination and good humour would help us shift up a good couple of levels. Last time he was job hunting one of my colleagues conducted a detailed behavioural event interview with Ivan and concluded that not only was he an outstanding, detail oriented candidate; he was also being pitched below his ability to achieve. Anyone wishing to invest in us so we can hire Ivan can contact me immediately" February 10, 2010

John Hill, CEO -Profit from more sales by hiring better people and keeping them better, Hunter Stuckey Marshall


"Ivan has an incredible background in project management, training and development as well as operational exposure in the most testing of professional environments."

Ivan is a very experienced strategically focused trainer, project and operations manager. This depth of experience means that we can effectively deliver the appropriate resource to our client base. Gerry added: "These are high value propositions which need to be delivered with honesty, integrity and leadership."

"The results in the organisations we change are enhanced further by how well we can pull together our associates time and expertise and Ivan will take a slick operation to an even higher level of performance."

"Ivan has the gravitas to deal with the board level and strategic leaders that we deliver to."

Gerry Hill, Business Development at Sport2Business

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