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We have had the pleasure of working with Melanie Lisney regularly over the past nine years.  Melanie has designed and delivered a wide range of management and personal skills workshops for many of our clients including core management skills, assertiveness, communicating, managing change, personal effectiveness, building team performance and interview skills to name but a few.


Melanie is highly professional in her approach to her work and we trust her to deliver a high quality service to our clients on our behalf.  Melanie has the ability to build effective working relationships with all participants who attend her workshops, irrespective of background or profession. 


When designing learning events Melanie is highly creative and innovative in her approach and is able to tailor learning materials to the organisation in question and delegates attending the event.  Participants on her workshops consistently provide positive feedback having attended Melanie’s events, often commenting on her ability to deliver key learning messages clearly whilst also providing stretch and challenge in an appropriate manner.


Melanie adopts a practical and pragmatic approach to her work which helps delegates make the links between what they have learnt and their own day to day work.  This greatly helps with the transition of learning back into the workplace meaning that Melanie’s workshops truly add value to the organisation.


It is a pleasure to have Melanie as part of our delivery team and we consistently receive requests from our clients for Melanie to work with their staff.


Sue Thurston

ELT Solutions Ltd



Testimonial for Melanie Lisney



I met Melanie Lisney in her role as independent training consultant, when I was a manager at Hall & Woodhouse plc. This company was a traditional family-run business with an estate of country pubs, a brewery and a soft drinks factory. The company employed in the region of 1,500 people in the pubs and production units.


I had a dual role within the company working as Quality Assurance Manager and as Training Team Leader. In the latter position I was responsible for leading a group initiative to develop training within the Production Division of the company.


As part of this work I had to recruit a consultant to deliver management training to staff with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.  I short-listed and interviewed four candidates for the position and, of these, Melanie was by far the most impressive.  Melanie was highly professional, very experienced, attractive and approachable. My selection of Melanie to deliver an extensive programme of management training for the company, was endorsed by the Production Director.


The first phase of the work was to develop and deliver a programme of training in Team Leadership and Communication Skills to a group of forty staff at supervisor level. Melanie built an excellent rapport with the supervisors, with course satisfaction scores exceeding 95%. Melanie effectively managed two vociferous and hostile trainees and by the end of the sessions had gained the collective respect of the delegates. Melanie carried out follow- up visits to each of the delegates in the workplace to advise and assist them in applying the principles of the training to real life problems. These supportive visits were much welcomed by the supervisors.


The second phase of the work was to develop and deliver Management Training tailored to meet the needs of junior and middle managers. Elements of this programme included Time Management, Communication Skills, Leadership, Team Building, and basic Transactional Analysis. Melanie was a very effective trainer at this level controlling a group of strong and diverse characters. Melanie's particular achievement in this work was her ability to draw out the profound frustrations of the groups and redirect their energies towards developing constructive solutions to the fundamental problems within the business.


At the end of the Supervisor and Manager training programmes, Melanie compiled a set of improvement proposals for the business made by the delegates and presented these to Senior Management. Where resource permitted, these proposals were incorporated into the company initiative of developing World Class Manufacturing.


I worked with Melanie in developing these training programmes and found her to be highly motivated in helping others to develop their full potential, both personally and professionally.  Melanie is an intelligent and empathic individual with a strong character and a very high level of integrity.  Melanie has a keen sense of humour, she is an energetic person and a positive thinker.


I have no hesitation in recommending Melanie Lisney to you as a Management Development Consultant. She will provide excellent training in management skills and will work to develop a strong positive attitude in your managers.


Diana M. Wright. BA (Hons). PhD.



We asked Melanie Lisney to deliver a special session to all of our 35 High Performance athletes.

Our athletes are GB age group champions and in the 2012 Olympics in London we got 5 medals including one gold, two silver, and two bronze medals. We also made the final in two other events.

The level therefore is very high.


We wanted Mel to deliver a session that would challenge our High Performance athletes mentally, be engaging, sports specific, and to challenge them on how they approached things using different techniques to support their sport.


We found Mel to be excellent in her delivery. Our athletes were buzzing throughout her session. Mel was very vibrant, enthusiastic, and delivered clear pathways to improving performance. Her engagement of our athletes was total. It was in fact the best session we had delivered in 2013.


We will definitely be using Melanie Lisney again to help improve our athlete’s performances.



Gordon Trevett

Sport High Performance Manager

Director of Rowing

University of Bristol


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