Improve workplace wellbeing - drive your business success

As a well established management development and wellbeing consultancy (delivering results for organisations since 2000), LifeCraft can help you achieve the many benefits that wellbeing management can deliver.

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A focus on 'workplace wellbeing' can help organisations profit by promoting a workplace environment in which people can perform and:

    • are clear about standards and expectations
    • are motivated, engaged and committed to high standards of work
    • have the knowledge and skills they need to fulfil their roles
    • are effectively managed
    • are given appropriate support with concerns and problems
    • have a realistic workload suited to their experience, capabilities and level of responsibility
    • are valued and appreciated
    • are treated with respect and dignity

To assist organisations in managing workplace wellbeing, LifeCraft offer a number of learning and development services which are designed, delivered and evaluated with the needs of the client in mind. These include:

    • Seminars and workshops - in-house or at an external venue;
    • Tailor-made learning materials designed to your specification;
    • Training needs analysis, programme planning; development, delivery and evaluation;
    • Coaching and mentoring.

LifeCraft focuses on two specialist areas:

  1. Wellbeing which includes topics such as:
    • Resilience training and coaching
    • Managing pressure, reducing stress
    • Stress risk assessments and audits in line with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Management Standards
    • Wellbeing Surveys; take a mini test at:
    • Assertive behaviour
    • Dignity at work; tackling bullying and harassment
    • Time and energy management
    • Life balance and wellbeing workshops
    • Personal effectiveness
  2. Manager development programmes endorsed by ILM:
    • Champion in Health and Wellbeing Management
    • Certificate in Manager Development

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