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Frequently asked questions

It is highly likely that any question you have about the:
operation of or;
trouble you are having with;
the Learning Practitioners' Association, has already been asked.
Please take a look at the questions below and if you don't find the answer to your query, then please contact us.

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I am a trainer, how can I benefit from joining?

TrainerBase is visited by an increasing number of people looking for general and specific information about training. Anyone looking for a trainer in a particular subject can search TrainerBase, joining TrainerBase ensures that you have the opportunity to be seen. TrainerBase also has over 350 training related contract opportunities posted on the site. Being a member means that you can review and apply for these opportunities. Membership of TrainerBase means that you will be in line for a share of the £2 million + of contracts won via the site.

For a business case for membership please have a look at this information.
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I am looking for a trainer how can I benefit?

TrainerBase allows anyone looking for a trainer to post tenders. This service is free. The tender notifications are sent to members who have the required skills. Members then reply direct to you. The service often generates a response within hours.
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What is the TrainerBase?

The TrainerBase is an online database run by GirlingMayes Ltd. The TrainerBase web site is an online database directory that enable trainers, suppliers and venue providers to register their details for display on the site. Other individuals and organisations can also register to post opportunities, though their details will not be displayed anywhere other than on their particular opportunity.

The idea behind TrainerBase is for any organisation to find a trainer, venue or course FREE of charge.
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What is the difference between a User and a Member?

A User is anyone who has registered on the site; they will either be a Trainer, a Supplier or a Non-listed user. A Member is a User who has paid their subscription to gain access to all the facilities of the site.
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What is a FREE listing and how much is subscription?

A Free listing is a basic inclusion on the database. You will be on the Register of Users and Members, but will be low down on the list. You will be able to receive Opportunity Notifications but you will not be able to read them. Your membership profile with full contact details will not be enabled until you take out the Membership to the TrainerBase which is £190+VAT for 365 days. As a subscriber you will also have unlimited access to the resources of the site, the ability to post messages on the discussion forum and will have access to ICT support from the TB team.
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I have joined and my membership has not been granted, why?

When a visitor fills in the Join form, this constitutes an application to join TrainerBase. Membership is not automatic and is validated based on the information provided. A password is sent out automatically on application and this is the first validation process, any emails returned because of invalid addresses will result in a membership being denied. Membership is only granted if the contact details appear accurate and genuine, in that if a letter were to be sent to the address submitted, it would be delivered. If an application has been denied (you are unable to log in) and you are sure you submitted correct details, contact with full contact details and the matter will be investigated.
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I am worried about paying online, can I pay by cheque?

It is possible to pay by cheque but we prefer to avoid it. Due to the added processing involved and additional costs, we levy a surcharge.
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I have taken out a subscription and I need an invoice, can you send me one in the post?

TrainerBase does not post out paper invoices. You will have had a confirmation email/invoice when you took out the subscription. This will satisfy accountants and the VAT office for record purposes.
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I've had a listing on TrainerBase for a while what I can do to make it more effective?

To enhance your listing after the initial 5 day free period you will need to subscribe. This will allow you to do all sort of things with the database, primarily upload material and join in the discussions on the site. This will add points to your profile score. Other ways of improving your listing is to promote TrainerBase on other forums, ezines and web sites and let us know, you will get extra points. Making suggestions on improving the site will also generate extra points for your profile.
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How does the search ranking on TrainerBase work?

Subscribers (Members of the TrainerBase) are ranked higher than users that have not subscribed. Every user profile has a score. The higher the score the higher the ranking. Subscribers/members with 950 points will be ranked higher than a user that has not subscribed but has 990 points. It pays to be a subscriber/member of TrainerBase.

The search rankings are also weighted based on the number of subjects you have applied to your profile. Trainer A with 1,000 points and 100 subjects has a reletive score of 10. Trainer B with 500 points and only 20 subjects will have a reletive score of 25. Trainer B will appear above Trainer A in the search results.
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How many points do I get for doing what on TrainerBase sites?

You get:
1 point per visit to the site
5 points per testimonial uploaded to your profile
10 points for a posting on the forum
20 points per resource uploaded to your profile
50 points per referred friend that signs up to the TrainerBase (if they then subscribe you get £25)
50 points minimum per article published in the Useful Stuff section (really useful ones will attract more)
50 points minimum for promoting the TrainerBase to other networks (let the TrainerBase know)

Please note that points will be deducted for the removal of items that have accrued points. Also there is an automatic point reduction system in place that removes points of a daily basis. Identified abuse of the points system by the uploading of duplicate resources etc may result in a cancellation of all points accrued or removal from the site. Please read the terms and conditions of the site.
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My area of expertise (training subject) is not listed, can it be added?

Yes. TrainerBase welcomes suggestions for more subjects, just email info[at] with your suggestions.
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When I upload a file from my home computer can users of the site see the files on my home computer?

No. When TrainerBase connects with your home PC you will see your files via TrainerBase. This is specific to the session that you alone are running and no one else can gain access to your files. During the session the scripts within the site copy the file on your PC to TrainerBase. Other members looking at your file look at the one that is stored on the site.
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How do I remove a Resource or CV?

To add and remove files from your profile go to the Edit Profile page, log in and you will then have access to your profile management facility.
Section 2 has a link "Manage your resources", click on this link and it will take you to your resources.
To delete a resource click on the Red cross (to the left of the Edit). Click OK on the warning message; you resource will be deleted.

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How do I add an opportunity (tender)?

The quickest way to add an Opportunity it to go to the For Training Purchasers theme and click on the Add an Opportunity link. This is TrainerBase's quick tenders facility where you can join and add an opportunity in one easy step.
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What’s the difference between an Opportunity Notification and an Update?

An Opportunity Notification is sent to members who match the required subjects specified in a tender. If no subjects are specified the tender notification may be sent to all members. The Opportuity Notification indicates that there is a potential contract for work posted on the Opportunities page of the site. An Update is sent out on a regular basis and informs members what is happening in the TrainerBase. It may contain information on recent Opportunities posted on the site.
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How do I stop receiving emails from TrainerBase?

To stop receiving any of the email notifications from the TrainerBase go to the Edit Profile page, log in and you will then have access to your profile management facility where you can turn on or off the email notifications.

Please note that automated reminders about membership cannot be stopped.
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Can I upload a large number of courses?

Yes. Subscribed members can upload an unlimited number of courses FREE (for the moment).
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I want to add a link from my site to TrainerBase web sites. What should I do?

Please include the following text string in the HTML code of your links page:

The TrainerBase, A comprehensive database of business trainers, training providers and courses. The Perfect Place for Trainers.

Before completing the Request a link facility on the TrainerBase web sites, please ensure that your site has a Terms and Conditions page and that you have added a reciprocal link on your site.
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I want to look at the details of a tender/trainer and I click on the 'more' link and nothing happens.

Providing you have already logged in, clicking on the 'more' link will load the details into a small browser window. If you do not see this new browser window load on top of the current one, check that you do not already have more than one browser window open; when you click on the 'more' link, the details will load into an existing browser window, behind the current one.
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How active is TrainerBase?

TrainerBase is not yet in the premier league regarding page views however statistics for a month are expected to be:
up to 50,00 visitors per month including
up to 12,000 visitors in any one week
up to 3,000 visitors per day who may perform
up to 500 searches per week.
Popular pages get up to 7,000 impressions per month.

Target is to regularly get 15,000 sessions per week rising to a regular 50,000 sessions per month.

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My personal details have changed, will TrainerBase change them for me.

The technology behind TrainerBase enables members to keep their details up to date by logging in to the Edit Profile page and managing their own profile. TrainerBase will, under certain circumstances, amend member details but not as a matter of course to change addresses etc. When a member clicks on the Update button in Edit Profile - Edit your details; TrainerBase is notified on the request to amend the details held. The update button is disabled in Edit your details until TrainerBase has approved/disapproved the request.
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Where do I add a Testimonial from a client?

The adding of testimonials is a client side facility available to full (Enhanced) members only. It is be found in your profile in the View Trainers page (not in the Edit Profile page). Bring up your profile and there will be Testimonials link.

Testimonials posted by the trainers themselves are approved in good faith, indicating the name of the clients. Testimonials found to be false will be removed and the trainers profile amended. TrainerBase reserve the right to request sight of the original for any testimonial posted.
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I posted a message recently - do you offer any alert of a reply or do I have to login in each time and go looking?

Once a message is posted, you can activate a 'Watch this thread' alert which will send you an email of any replies.

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What are CLP and CertLPM and what are the differences between them?

Cert LPM and CLP are fundamentally different, though related. Both are based on the Standard for Learning Practitioners developed by a group of Learning and Development experts for the LPA.

CLP is an accreditation rather than a qualification (with no directed learning which is why we are not in a position to get this registered as a qualification). CLP evidences that a practitioner behaves and practices to a defined level (the Standard) - which, we feel, brings advantages over a qualification, eg in terms of recognising a learning practitioner's capability and providing assurance of this to prospective clients.

CertLPM is a BTEC qualification of 200 hours of directed learning and assessment accredited via Edexcel. The qualification provides learning in the knowledge and skills required to be a practitioner (as defined by the Standard) and assesses their acquisition of these. The qualification (as with most other qualifications) does not measure or assess whether a practitioner practices those skills (unlike the CLP accreditation).

CLP is supported by Cert LPM in that the latter provides a learning route towards accreditation (both use the Standard as their basis). This implies that CLP is a level 5 equivalent, while NOT being a qualification.

Getting Cert LPM does not automatically lead to CLP status - it has to be separately applied for and evidenced.
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I want to advertise on the TrainerBase web sites.

The TrainerBase has a number of display ad spaces available for members on its web sites including the TrainerBase.

Download the Media details for further information on costs.

To discuss this further contact info[at]
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I am trying to access a specific tender nmber on the European Union Tender Electronics Daily web site but can't do it.

Public sector tenders can be found on:

Please be aware that problems with TED should be addressed to their help desk, it is not the responsibility of TrainerBase support staff to offer help on third party sites.

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I want to remove all my details from TrainerBase and any of its web sites; how do I do this?

Removing members from the database is done by the the TrainerBase team; just email or fill in the contact form to the effect that you want to be removed and you will be. Please be aware that this results in you being placed on a suppression list (in accordance with Data Protection regulations) and you will not be able to rejoin the site without contact us first.
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What is meant by the Scope of a Download?

In order to clarify the expection of what a resource is the Scope has been introduced. The different Scopes of a resource are:

1 Primer
A resource that only offers really basic information that merely identifies a concept or point but does not explain its meaning or use.
Suitable for one liners and sayings etc.

2 Fundamental
A resource that provides basic information that identifies a concept or point of view and offers a brief explanation. Does not necessarily explain the use of the point or concept in question.
Suitable for one liners and sayings with a brief explanation of their meaning.

3 Outline
A concept or saying with an explanation of its meaning and its uses within a situation. Is not necessarily compete but is sufficient as a hand out or tool in support of a comprehensive item.

4 Detailed
A compete explanation of a concept with definition and usage written in pain English (or other language). Suitable for inclusion as a module within a larger item and may contain a number of Primers, Fundamentals and be accompanied by an Outline or two.

5 Comprehensive
A full, multi module, multi conceptual item that can be used as a standalone.

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What is the TOMS and how does it work?

The development of the TrainerBase Trainer Opportunity Management System (TOMS) has come about because of feedback from members. The majority of this feedback has been in the form of complaints or criticism;
• from advertisers about the fishing exercises of applicants and/or multiple applications and
• from applicants about not receiving responses to applications from advertisers.

With this in mind the TOMS has been created to hide the identity of an advertiser and email applicants about the progress of an opportunity.

The TOMS is prescriptive in the way that it works and imposes constraints on the opportunity process. That is the point of the system, to provide a set of rules and triggers by which participants within the system are notified of actions taken.

Modus Operandi
There are two sets of individual members involved within the TOMS:
• Advertisers; are members who post an opportunity. An advertiser can add many opportunities but cannot apply to their own opportunity.
• Applicants; are subscribers who respond to an opportunity. An applicant can only make one application to a particular opportunity.

There is also the administrator but activities by them are mainly behind the scenes.

An advertiser can post an opportunity either from within Edit Membership (and choose to include this in the TOMS) or from within the TOMS home page (has logged in to the TOMS).
The objective of posting an opportunity within the TOMS is to use the system as the only management tool for the particular opportunity. It is therefore suggested that the advertiser seriously considers hiding their details from applicants and certainly does not suggest that emails and documents are sent direct; this defeats the benefit of using the system. If an advertiser is not happy using the system or elements of it their opportunities should be posted into the current open system.

An opportunity will take on a number of ‘states’ as it passes through the system:
• New; open for applications to be made.
• Suspended (Display Until Date); the opportunity is no longer visible on the system but is still being reviewed by the advertiser.
• Closed (Review End Date); the advertiser has finished the recruitment process.
• Deleted, the opportunity is removed from the active list and is only visible to administrators.

The TOMS will send routine emails as an opportunity passes through the system.

Once an opportunity has been posted by an advertiser, it must be approved by the administrator (usually Ed) before it becomes visible on the system. Opportunities in the TOMS are displayed in the normal Opportunities page and in the TOMS. Only opportunities posted in the TOMS have a link to view from within the TOMS.

A subscriber can view an opportunity either by visiting the Opportunities page and clicking on the ‘more...’ link or by logging in to the TOMS and selecting the ‘>> View All Opportunities’ link and clicking on the ‘more...>>’ link of the opportunity of interest. The TOMS logs the number of views an opportunity gets.

The details of the advertiser may or may not be visible (it is recommended that details are hidden, requiring applicants to use the Apply button rather than emailing the advertiser direct). Again it is recommended that if an advertiser places an opportunity within the TOMS and includes their details in the opportunity, they advise any applicant that has contacted them off line that they will only review applications made via the TOMS. A subscriber can make an application for an opportunity by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button. A subscribeer is not allowed to make applications on behalf of another person. An application is made but filling in the text box ‘Your message to the advertiser’ and clicking on the Continue button. Please note that the application is made at this point. If the advertiser has requested files such as a CV or other information an applicant can upload up to 3 of these in the second step of<
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How do I sell a resource on TrainerBase?

Firstly you need to be a member of the TrainerBase.

Log in to Edit Profile and click on the Manage your Resources link in section 3. Click Add a resource. Just above the resource form is a note:
(If you would like to sell this item in the Resources Shop, please select whether you are a VAT registered business or not by clicking here.) Click on the 'here' and fill in the registration form. This will enable a value field in the resource form. The value of any resources sold will be attributed as a credit to your profile which you can claim one the value has exceeded £30.
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