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Message 2 of 6: Michelle McArthur on 23/10/2012
May be it's me, but I think that credibility is based upon evidence and proof of having an indepth theoretical and practical knowldge of a subject area, such as L&D. Also having a successful track record of practicing/ delivering is essential. A successful track record in L&D being where one can demonstrate that the learning outcomes were clearly aligned to the learning objectives, the needs of the indivdiuals and the business.

I do not think there is any credibility in a profession by opening it up to such a point that it is open to anyone, without the need for some form of qualification or experience based accreditation.
My concern is for the sustainability, by allowing anyone to practice, it devalues the true worth of the profession. Day rates are constantly being pushed down, due to the lack of commercial experience/knowledge of some, and rates are now getting so low that they are not sustainable. I also fear about the quality of work being delivered by some. What about the longer term reputation of our profession? What will happen to the overall credibility of our profession, if we have increased numbers of providers who have entered the "profession" in the absense of anything else to do?

My question is, if we are a true profession, why don't we act and think as one? If accountants and lawyers are classified as professionals then surely when as L&D professionals we are working with the complexities of human behaviour where if the wrong advice or solution is offerred we can have long lasting negative effects upon individuals and organisations, we should also be classified as a profession. However in doing so we must start to be regulated in some way.

My second question is, have lawyers and accountants slashed their fees, in line with the L&D day rate slashings? I think not.

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