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Message 1 of 4: Peter Mayes on 26/04/2013
Hi all

In the past couple of months a number of mainly IT tenders have gone on the site as referrals (I have posted them on behalf of other companies) which have had a distinct lack of applications.

Whilst tenders are free to look at after 14 days, most of these opportunities have been urgent and only been on the site for a week or so.

Reducing the annual subscription is not currently on the books as this is seen by purchasers as a key differentiator of members. Might a payment to view a single opportunity be an option for occasional requirements?

We get a lot of purchasers visiting the site to search for trainers and I want to ensure they keep comming back. How can we encourage applications for jobs that are posted on the site.


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Message 2 of 4: Nigel Cullingford on 26/04/2013
Hi Peter
From my experience the rates offered for IT training are low and coupled with your examples of short lead time would count me out. Certainly paying extra (if that it is the implication of your message?) would not therefore improve my take up of these opportunities. Without wanting to sound obvious (!) they need to improve their daily rates and get better at lead time planning so more of us can throw our hats in the ring.

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Message 3 of 4: Peter Mayes on 26/04/2013

Thanks for the comments. Yes; in the research we have done in the past identified IT training as amongst the lowest paid and having been an IT trainer in the past have experience of clients wanting the work done yesterday:)

There isn't an intent for subscribed members to pay extra but I was wondering whether non subscribed members might be interested in paying a smaller amount to see individual opportunities. I do understand that 150+VAT might be a bit much for a <200pd contract whereas is not quite as much a hit if the contract is for >400pd.

I had a long conversation with a purchaser last week who has been using TB to source trainers for the 800+ courses they run. This is great for members and non members who appear in the searches but doesn't do much for revenue.


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Message 4 of 4: Joy Wilson on 26/04/2013
What about sending out the IT training opportunities via a newsletter to those with that specialism on their profile? I know that some of the IT providers offer a free alerts service for their trainers. It might generate a little more interest. Although looking at the current requirement for the role in Abu Dhabi, which provides little information about duration, arrangements for flights, day rates, and requires a masters degree. I too might be put off!

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