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Click here for more information Consultancy Agreement
Scope: 4. Detailed, Contributor: Mr Nige O'Shea
A master consultancy agreement, for businesses engaging the services of consultants, to ensure the said consultants are completely engaged and committed to deliver the agreed services.
Type: pdf       Size: 0.2MB    Rating: 4/5       Downloads: 26
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Click here for more information Letter of Credit Documents Checklist
Scope: 2. Fundamentals, Contributor: Mr Mark Hayward
A checklist for shipping departments or export teams when presenting to the bank documents required under Letters of Credit
Type: pdf       Size: 81.66KB    Rating: 5/5       Downloads: 10
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In order to clarify the expection of what a resource is, the Scope has been introduced. The different Scopes of a resource are:

  1. Primer
  2. Fundamental
  3. Outline
  4. Detailed
  5. Comprehensive

Also a rating for a resource indicates how good or not previous downloaders thought the resource was: 0/5 means that no one has rated the resource 1/5 means a bad resource 5/5 means a good resource. Good or bad is a simple indicator and is not meant to qualify in what way the resource is good or bad.

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