TrainerBase operates as a community portal for members of the training, learning and development sector.
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TrainerBase operates as a community portal for members of the learning and development sector. The site exists to help businesses and other organisations to find trainers and by so doing; help trainers find business.

TrainerBase welcomes new registrations from anyone interested in learning and development, in particular from individuals and organisations keen to raise the standard of learning and development practice.

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I am a trainer (a freelance learning and development practitioner) and would like to register with TrainerBase and benefit from being part of the community.

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I supply services to the learning and development community and would like members to be able to see how my products and services could be of benefit to them.


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I am a learning and development professional (internal trainer, buyer, recruiter or researcher) and would like to be able to use the free services of TrainerBase including the ability to use the recruitment facilities.

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