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TrainerBase Downloads section allows members to share and sell their resources online. If you have resources you want to sell; contact us for free membership.

Subscribed members can add their resources for sale by logging in on the Edit Membership, section. If you want to download resources you must be registered with the TrainerBase.


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The unrestricted downloading of resources is reserved for members of TrainerBase only and a download limit of 5 per day for other visitors to the site depending on registration. Everyone downloading resources have their email logged enabling the resource contributor to track who has been interested in it. If you download a resource, you may be contacted by the contributor for feedback. Please have the courtesy to reply. Members found abusing the generosity of fellow members may be excluded from using this facility.

In order to clarify the expectation of what a resource is the Scope has been introduced. The different Scopes of a resource are:

1 Primer A resource that only offers really basic information that merely identifies a concept or point but does not explain its meaning or use. Suitable for one liners and sayings etc.

2 Fundamental A resource that provides basic information that identifies a concept or point of view and offers a brief explanation. Does not necessarily explain the use of the point or concept in question. Suitable for one liners and sayings with a brief explanation of their meaning.

3 Outline A concept or saying with an explanation of its meaning and its uses within a situation. Is not necessarily compete but is sufficient as a hand out or tool in support of a comprehensive item.

4 Detailed A complete explanation of a concept with definition and usage written in plain English (or other language). Suitable for inclusion as a module within a larger item and may contain a number of Primers, Fundamentals and be accompanied by an Outline or two.

5 Comprehensive A full, multi module, multi conceptual item that can be used as a standalone.