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Click here for more information Trainer Rates Survey 2008
Scope: 5. Comprehensive, Contributor: *Mr Peter Mayes
The rates trainers charge or more appropriately; purchasers pay for a days training has long been a topic of discussion, none more so than in these times of economic turmoil. This, the fifth annual survey is TrainerBase’s ongoing enquiry into both the statistical evidence of rates, gender, status, location and types of training and anecdotal comments on how trainers and purchasers feel about the commercial exchange of training and development services for reward. Whilst there seems to be a continuing squeeze on rates and some are saying that the ‘good days are long gone’, there is evidence that rates are holding up with fewer trainers accepting some of the really low associate rates of below £300 per day. Male trainers seem to be securing higher rates than female, but this may be down to the types of training conducted by the different genders. Discounting, whilst still going on does not seem to be quite so prevalent whilst making sure that expenses and subsistence are on top of the day rate are part of the negotiating process; including comments from purchasers of associates to this effect. Associate rates are considerably lower than direct as might be expected; one area for further investigation is the activities of the training agency. Geography plays an important part in the earning capabilities of trainers and a significant minority of trainer operate UK wide. There is further evidence, supported by the State of the Sector survey (yet to be published) that some trainers appear to be either operating unsustainable business models or are securing income from elsewhere. Anecdotal comment suggests a proliferation of jobbing and hobby trainers continue to adversely affect a perception of the independent sector. For the first time, purchasers have contributed to the survey and a correlations can be seen in rates paid. Encouragingly from a freelance point of view, a good percentage of purchasers expect to increase their engagement with freelance trainers (less so with larger training providers) and are more likely to contract in a specialist who will customise a programme than necessarily go for price.
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Click here for more information Trainer Rates Research 2007
Scope: 5. Comprehensive, Contributor: *Mr Peter Mayes
The Trainer Rates 07 survey report. In the fourth of my yearly investigations into the rates being charged or perhaps secured by independent training contractors and consultants there is evidence of a continuing divide between Male and Female trainer rates and that IT trainers along with Regulatory Skills trainers get the lowest daily rate. The Associate model of working, delivering training on behalf of another training company, is widespread and results in a significant drop in daily rates charged. Expansion in the questioning suggests that there is a north south divide in attainable rates and that the South of England is by far the most popular training region to find clients. Whilst there is a high percentage of Sole Traders within the training sector, these trainers do not earn as much as their Limited Liability counterparts. Anecdotal evidence suggests that earnings are being squeezed by an increasing number of jobbing or hobby trainers entering the market and charging unrealistic daily rates. What is also prevalent is that most trainers discount for volume and for the voluntary sector.
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