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Hundreds of training opportunities are posted on this site each year worth tens of thousands of pounds. To access the opportunities posted you need to be registered on the site. You must be a member of the TrainerBase to be able to read Tender, Prospect, Expression of Interest and Capability Build opportunities within the 14 day restricted period. After that time all registered users can read opportunities. Do be aware that most opportunities are fulfilled within a few days.


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Below are the most recently posted Opportunities/Tenders.
Job Title Value Type  
Health and social care trainers (UK wide) £250 per day PPT Join/Login
Freelance Trainers required for new (College backed) Training Provider £200 - £700 EOI Join/Login
Internal Verifier for Security NVQs 2000 TDR Join/Login
Training Manager within Science Research Organisation dependant on experience TOE Join/Login
Financial Trainers - Full Time Employment 32K - 50K Per Annum Dependant on Experience TOE Join/Login
Management/leadership trainer for promo event Speculative REF Join/Login
Leadership and Management trainer £250 per day PPT Join/Login
Associate and contract L&D associates Excellent CBB Join/Login

Recent Opportuntities

Management Training in the Middle East, 31/07/2013
International associate trainers required, 31/07/2013
Human Rights Act Training, 26/07/2013
Equality and diversity trainer, 24/07/2013
French Trainer required (Urgent), 23/07/2013
Qualifications Provisions, 23/07/2013
Advanced Train the Trainer, 19/07/2013
Corporate Banking Training - Middle East, 19/07/2013
Project Managers Training (APMIC), 16/07/2013
Health and first-aid training services, 17/07/2013
ITIL Trainer needed, 11/07/2013
PowerPoint 2010 Advanced Course, 11/07/2013
Office 2010 Trainer (Somerset), 09/07/2013
Financial Services trainer/designer required, 03/07/2013
Freelance Trainers, 03/07/2013
Dementia Awareness Training, 02/07/2013
Training Project Managers, 26/06/2013
Appraiser Skills Workshop, 18/06/2013
Surveillance Training, 24/06/2013
Human Rights Training, 26/06/2013
Career Development and Personal Skills, 26/06/2013
Oil & Gas Sprecialist Trainers required, 18/06/2013
Organisation skills trainer required (Nigeria), 18/06/2013
Equality and Diversity Training, 06/06/2013
Health & Safety Training Courses, 06/06/2013
Provision of Leadership Development, 04/06/2013
ITQ Entry Level trainer required, 04/06/2013
Health and Safety Training Courses, 31/05/2013
Operational Assessment Associates, 31/05/2013
Management trainer required (Lagos), 29/05/2013
Customer Service Skills trainer required, 29/05/2013
Communications and Market Training, 25/05/2013
Coaching for Performance Improvement, 24/05/2013
Leadership Development Programmes, 24/05/2013
Managing Operations Research, 23/05/2013
Perfomance Coach/Facilitator, 22/05/2013
Multi Lingual CRM trainers, 21/05/2013
CRM technical trainers (in Poland), 20/05/2013
Law Enforcement Trainers required (Abu Dhabi), 20/05/2013
Soft Skills trainers (urgent Abu Dhabi), 20/05/2013
Social Care Training, 17/05/2013
OPERA Surgical Mgt System trainer (London), 16/05/2013
I.T. Trainer - MS Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, 10/05/2013
Health & Safety Training Courses, 10/05/2013
Trainer Required, 10/05/2013
Trainer required, 09/05/2013
SharePoint/Powershell trainer required, 09/05/2013
Occasional Assessors, 07/05/2013
Wellbeing Projects, 07/05/2013
Provision of training services (PTLLS), 07/05/2013
Spanish-speaking Associate Sales Trainer, 07/05/2013
Leadership and Management Skill Development , 02/05/2013
Young Leaders Programme, 02/05/2013
City and Guilds Level 4 Work with Parents (WWP) Trainer Required, 27/04/2013
V1 Internal Verifier Qualification Training & Assessment, 27/04/2013
A1 Assessor Qualification Training and Assessment, 27/04/2013
IT Security trainer (Abu Dhabi), 25/04/2013
Recreational Learning, 23/04/2013
Accredited Course provider required, 23/04/2013
Training providers required, 23/04/2013
Freelance IT Trainers required, 24/04/2013
Development and Delivery of one day IOSH Working Safely, 22/04/2013
Disability awareness training (Scotland), 22/04/2013
Regulatory Training, 12/04/2013
Delivery of Assessor Award Traing, 12/04/2013
Provision of Disclosure Officer Training, 12/04/2013
Workshop and Training Programme, 12/04/2013
Delivery of on-site PTTLS in North West, 11/04/201
E-learning Developer, 08/04/2013
Corporate Training, 05/04/2013
Provision of Regulatory Training, 05/04/2013
Training Material Developer, 05/04/2013
Behavioural Skills Trainers required, 05/04/2013
Excel Trainer, 03/04/2013
Two day deleivery Workforce Management software, 02/04/2013
Digital Skills Development, 02/04/2013
Chainsaw Training and Assessment, 02/04/2013
IOSH Working Safely, 27/03/2013
Performance Management Consultant Required, 26/03/2013
Contract Business Trainer/Facilitator, 23/03/2013
Trainer for SMTS Site Management Safety Training, 19/03/2013
Senior Design Consultant - Sales Training Solutions, 18/03/2013
Assessment Centre, 13/03/2013 Financial Training, 18/03/2013
Management Development Trainer/Consultant, 15/03/2013
Project Management Trainers, 12/03/2013
Telephone training skills, 07/03/2013
External Training Providers sought, 01/03/2013
Freelance trainers required, 07/03/2013
MCA Ship Security Officer Trainer, 03/03/2013
Legal Training Sessions, 01/03/2013
Finance training consultants required, 26/02/2013
Excel trainer required North of England, 25/02/2013
Associate Training Consultants for a range of subject areas, 25/02/2013
Media and Communications training, 25/02/2013
Media Awareness training Dubai, 20/02/2013
Proof Reading, 18/02/2013
Contact Centre Experienced facilitator, 14/02/2013
Diversity Training, 13/02/2013
ITQ Entry Level 3 trainer (urgent), 13/02/2013
Customer Service Trainer - Available in March, 12/02/2013
Business Development Manager, 12/02/2013
Human resources management consultancy services, 11/02/2013
Project Management Trainer, 08/02/2013
ITQ Entry Level 3 trainer (urgent), 07/02/2013
IT systems trainers (urgent), 06/02/2013
Pro bono trainers, coaches wanted for UK Charity, 05/02/2013
Trainers needed, 04/02/2013
Commissioning Training Programme, 01/02/2013
Management Development Training, 01/02/2013
Targeted Development Programme, 01/02/2013
Leadership Development, 05/07/2013
IT Training Services, 17/07/2013
Mediation training, 24/04/2013
Education and training services, 16/02/2013

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