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Certified Learning and Development Practitioners

In a world where there are tens of thousands of freelance trainers, it can be difficult for TrainerBase and training purchasers to make a distinction. TrainerBase is bound to only recommend trainers who have been seen to demonstrate competence in line with The Standard developed by and for members of TrainerBase.

The Certified Learning and Development Practitioner (CLP) accreditation enables TrainerBase and others within the community to have confidence that a freelance trainer operates in a fitting manner. TrainerBase wants to recommend its members; now it can and does. Below is a list of Learning and Development Practitioners who have provided evidence of the application of knowledge and are accredited with TrainerBase.


The above trainers are the only members for whom TrainerBase can provide a reference or a recommendation.

Trainers working towards accreditation

having signed the Commitment to Ethical Practice.

If you are looking for a level of assurance of competence then the above trainers have provided this to TrainerBase. ARE YOU A TRAINER? If you interested in being promoted as an Accredited Trainer by TrainerBase or anyone else being a CLP could be the answer. If you would like to find out more please get in touch.


TrainerBase wants to be able to accredit and recommend members. To this end Certified Learning and Development Accreditation is FREE (*subject to out of pocked expenses [travelling]) on purchase of the THREE YEAR membership commitment (£525). Sign up for this exclusive membership and you can start your accreditation straight away. When you are ready to sign up and become an Accredited Member of TrainerBase and gain from the benefits of being recommended to purchasers subscribe to the three year membership and a TrainerBase respresentative will get in touch to start you on your way.


"If you are serious about looking for new customers and helping them to find you, then becoming a CLP could certainly give you an edge’"

Kathey Bailey


"The structure of CLP is perfect for that step away from unconscious incompetence/competence and stimulates proactive thought on both the detailed practice and the bigger picture of one’s work."

Melanie Lisney CLP

Optimal Management Development Ltd

"To chase accreditation or leave it alone? Is it worth it? Is it too much trouble? Does it bring any benefits? I can confidently say that for me it’s been both helpful and productive, both personally and for my business."

Helen Howard CLP

FST&C Limited